Whenever my brother passes my dresser , he picks up my Kryolan TV Paint Stick looking at it like it’s an UFO, or some cool future space gadget, opens it up as if to say “Ooh what does this butttonn  dooo” and  sees that  its still  just makeup and  puts it back. I don’t blame him really, who would think this silver-colored tube with grey stripes   and a weird laughing mask at one corner  is really a foundation? (By the way, that laughing mask is kind of scary, i don’t know why Kryolan would pick that as its logo. I get images of a white scary clown  applying this, laughing at me and saying ‘Na  Na Na Na Na Na’ in a psycho voice).

Kryolan Claims Successfully proven cream make-up in stick form. The special base of TV Paint Stick allows gentle make-up application that provides effective covering at the  same time. The KRYOLAN assortment of more than 250 color nuances for selection is truly extraordinary – which makes this preparation indispensable for stage, film, TV and video work. 

CoverageThe  Kryolan TV Paint Stick foundation is a heavy coverage foundation that’s designed to pretty much cover up anything you want it to – that hickie on your neck, that scar on the side, that wound that the parlour lady did while doing your eyebrows. Yup, it conceals and then some and provides really solid Coverage.  So if you are someone with really problematic skin and need a lot of coverage on your face you are likely to really like this.

The Finish: Kryolan gives a matte finish at first, but over time this becomes dewy . This is actually perfect for me, but for girls who start shining easily I would recommend you wear a thin layer of powder over this.I do recommend that you moisturize before you apply  this foundation if you have dry skin, because it just blends easier that way, and it’s not a very moisturizing foundation at first.

Does it Cake? :The thing that’s good about this Kryolan TV Paint Stick is, that inspite of giving such heavy coverage i cant call this a cakey foundation. Ofcourse if you cake it up and wear a ton of it , it will cake just like any foundation but for the most part it gives a smooth, flawless satin finish to your face without looking cakey at all.

Best Application Method : Now it does block pores, it doesn’t let your skin breathe through so this is definitely not something i recommend you use everyday.  Its meant to be used for special occasions and that’s what it should be used on sparingly.Another point id like to make is you must give some thought as to how to apply this. It’s not an easy foundation to apply, and using your hands wont get you the best results. For me, the BEST way to get this to work is to take a good quality makeup sponge, wet it. Then apply Kryolan TV Paint Stick as a thin layer on your face. Use the wet sponge to blend it. Apply another layer if you require heavier coverage. Blend more. The more you blend this thing, the better it looks.

Does it Photograph well? :Photographically, this is a great foundation to have- dont go overboard and cake it on your face, and you will photograph beautifully in snaps. With flash, without flash this is one of the best in the market.

The Shades: Kryolan has over 120 shades to choose from, so you will definitely get a match. Just please to go a proper krolan store and get it tested. I bought one inititally that was too dark, so had to go buy a different one. I definitely wish i would have gone to the main Kryolan store instead and got a proper testing. Getting a shade match with this is extremely important because it doesnt really blend into the skin, it creates a layer on top, so you need a shade match!

Should you buy it: I personally feel like if you do need heavy coverage for a special occasion then i think Kryolan is a super investment. At 800 rupees you get a star quality product!!! But if you have good skin like mine , I personally still use my Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals just because i feel like its light and breathable! Nonetheless, this is a good investment for a bride!

The scary laughing mask on the Kryolan TV Paint Stick

Before and After with the Kryolan TV Paint Stick Foundation. This one is a shade dark for me .

Verdict: A

Price: Rs 800/-

Available at : Kryolan City, Lajpat Nagar and Kunchals, GK

Recommendation: The Kryolan  TV PAint Stick foundation is a heavy coverage foundation that you will probably really like if you have very uneven skin, and want a flawless face. It gives extremely solid coverage,  acts as a foundation cum concealer , lasts a long time and photographs well so its ëxcellent for special occasions (Specially if you are a bride to be- this is very handy) . It does clog pores though so dont get used to using this everyday, and if you are like me and have good skin,  you may just prefer breathable lightweight formulas. This is also a foundation i recommend you practicing applying – i found i get best results with a damp sponge, and worst with fingers!

PS: Im using the shade FS29 but i can afford to go lighter!

PPS: All of the posts you are seeing now are scheduled posts since im off to get married, so dont be like “OMG yr still pposting!

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