Here is a little sneak preview of some of the L’oreal Paris L’or Electric Collection that has been launched for Cannes 2012 ! A lot of these will be featured in days to come so stay tuned ladies, and let me know if there is something particular that catches your fancy and you want to see ASAP. Iv realised tht ill be gone from the blog for almost a month because of the wedding and i need to plan out posts and everything and  its giving me jitters!! Im pretty sure ill be blogging from the honeymoon (Shh..dont tell the boy that).

I have two chubby little jars of Foundation + Powders. I tried these recently, and i really liked them. Very fine, smooth  finish with good coverage!! Plus i just love those jars- i feel very movie-star esque fussing with that brush around my face !  (Ramu, mera brush laao!)

The Loreal Color Infallible Eyeshadows, which pack in a lot of shimmer. Doesnt this look so much like Expensive Pink by MAC ? I thought so too, but this is much pinker and doesnt have that gold duchrome. Its more like soft baby pink shimmer.

3 Lipsticks from Lór Electric. Can you sense a theme now- this collection is all about shimmer! Left is Burning Sunset- a warm orangey red with shimmer. The middle one is called Michelle Dragee and its from the Color Riche Star Secrets Line. The right one is Rose Laetitia and is again from the Color Riche Star Secrets Line for Laetitia Castia.

I also have the Loreal Felt tip pen eyeliner. I tried a cat eye with this the other day and it was so damn easy with the felt tip !! Its probably the best liner if you want to do winged eyeliners and other details!! Very intricate, though not so long lasting! The other one is the luminizer for hazel eyes in a rich, deep eggplant purple. Its an absolutely gorgeous color!

See how pretty that purple on is?

What do you like about the Lor Electric Collection? I want to try all the eyeshadows and eyeliners! Im a little bummed i didnt see blushes anywhere though!

PS: Products sent by Loreal. I dont lie. Pinky Swear

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