Loreal Paris Super Liner Review : Instant Impact Felt Liner

Lets face it, colouring was kind of like  drugs for kids. Im pretty sure we got the same high with crayola and sketch pens that we now aim to get with alcohol  (Im talking to only you above 25-ers). In Grade 1, i can imagine that all of us looked like this with a coloring book in our hands:

So when makeup items remind me of my kiddy days, its a bit of a kick. Like those Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencils which took me back to my Crayola days (who am I kidding- we grew up in the nineties and only the ultra cool kids had crayola. We had to make do with Camlin). Similarly this Loreal Super Liner Instant Impact Felt Liner made me remember those sketch pens that i doodled all over my projects with. Except with this you can doodle over your eye . Yay . Fun.

Ill keep this short. I usually don’t like felt tip eyeliners, I always feel like they pull and tug and don’t apply evenly and they dry too quickly. But boy, this Loreal Super Liner has to be hands down the EASIEST liner to apply. I tell you, a clown can apply it in his sleep while juggling apples in one hand. It’s that easy- just a quick swipe and it goes on really smooth and because its pointy and precise you can really control how thin/thick you want your line. Its in fact the best eyeliner for making a winged liner, or the best kind of eyeliner for a cat eye or any intricate patterns you would otherwise like to try out.

The liner is very well pigmented, with rich smooth color payoff in a single swipe. It’s not a high glossy effect liner, but there is a definite gloss like sheen to it. Its smooth, and a breeze really to apply. My problem with the liner lies in two things- first that it is so susceptible to water that even a tiny sprinkle on it causes black tears to roll down, and second that it doesn’t have the kind of lasting power im used to with my gel liners. This super liner  does give me a solid 6 hour wear time, but once im back from work it has definitely faded. Specially if you are someone to plays with your eyes a lot! This tends to move around slightly.


Pros of Loreal Super Liner Felt Tip Liner

  • Easiest Liner to apply ever!
  • Nicely Pigmented and Smooth in texture
  • Very comfortable felt tip with the perfect thickness and a good grip
  • Precise point makes it SO easy to make a winged or cat eyeliner
  • Travel Friendly

Cons  Loreal Super Liner Felt Tip Liner

  • Very susceptible to water
  • Fades slightly after 6 hours of wear. Also if you have a habit of rubbing eyes, this smudges a lot and comes under yr eyes. But if you let them be, this doesnt smudge.
Loreal Super Liner Felt Liner Swatch

See how precise that liner is???

Verdict: A-

Product:4/5,  Pigmentation:4/5, Texture:4/5, Longevity3/5, Value & Packaging: 3.5/5

Price : Rs 695/-

Recommendation: The Loreal Paris Felt  Liner from the Loreal Super Liner range is hands down the easiest eyeliner to apply, to create a  winged eyeliner look  or any sort of eyeliner experiments you want to do. I never liked felt tip liners (infact i hated them) but i  am now a convert because its really so simple with this felt tip liner. I really wish this was a little more sturdy against water, and didnt smuge when rubbed  and lasted fr a longer time without fading.

PS: product sent by brand. Honest review.

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