L’oreal Re Nourish Face Wipes Review

Guest Post by CSP Ballal


ACTION: in one single action, cleanse and remove all traces of face and eye make-up. The gentle alcohol free formula is enriched with Ceramide? to nourish and soothe the skin.

RESULTS: perfectly cleansed and nourished, skin feels soft and soothed without any feeling of tightness.


USE: gently wipe over face and eyes without rinsing. After use, carefully reseal the pack to keep the wipes fresh.

Dispose of wipes in a bin, do not flush.


Wet tissues/wipes are so very handy. You never know when you will need them and hence I always have wet tissues accessible in all possible places I move around in a day, dressing wardrobe, my vanity, car dash box, office desk. I have tried a variety of wet wipes but these Loreal Paris Dermo Expetise Renourish Cleansing Wipes are definitely a class apart kind when you compare it with its peers.

The wetness in these wipes is just right to make me feel that I have just washed my face. They give a water sprinkled effect to the face and dry off without any notice. My face feels cool on wiping with these tissues. Infact these wipes seems less like wipes and more like wet cloth.

The claims from the brand about their wipes are a little too much. ‘In one single action, cleanse and remove all traces of face and eye make-up’ , this is a bit of an exaggeration. To remove the colors of make up from my face, I end up using quite a few of these wipes. Instead I would prefer a cleansing milk to clean off the colors. More over, the shimmers do not obey these re-nourishing cleansing wipes. These wipes only help in removing the dirt from the face along with soothing and refreshing the tired skin.

The pack of these wipes is sealed in an airtight package with a resealable flap on top of the pack. The flap is to be sealed without fail ,else you end up with dried paper like stuff very quickly for which the dust bin is the only place left!

Rating: B+

Price: Rs.180 for a pack of 25 wipes

Recommendation: For a refreshing feel of your face keep a pack of Loreal Paris  Re Nourish Face Wipes in your vanity. But do not completely depend on these wipes to clean off make up from your face. In emergency you may pull out couple of wipes for cleaning your face/eye colors, that too only to a certain extent.  Apart from that, these are good, solid face wipes!

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