Aloha Ladies!!!! Whats on board the beauty deck today ? The surfs up , and the sea washed over some crushed metallic Pigments from the recently launched Mac Vera Collection! I have a couple from the stack called ‘Aloha’ and they are just a vision of metallic bronze gorgeousness! I have ‘Campfire’ and ‘Lantern Light’ and me thinks we need to light these up real quick to spread some warmth!!

Campfire, is just a perfect name for this dark , rich bronzed copper metallic pigment . Its the color of deep, dark woody flames- a gorgeous, deep, molten copper that doesnt lean too red .(Those coppery reds really show up as too red in photographs!) In the tub it really looks much bronzer than it is.

Lantern Light is a soft peachy gold. This one actually looks very copper in the tub but is much more light and peachy when swatched.Its kind of like expensive pink eyeshadow in pigment form.

 Campfire Metallic Crushed Pigment

Lantern Light Crushed Metallic Pigment

So what are these crushed metallic pigments? What do i do with them?

Well, you know Mac Pigments? Those multi tasking wonders that you can put on your eyes as intense eyeshadows, or mix with clear nail polishes to make you colored nailpolishes? Yeah those ones…these ones are metallic versions of those- except you kind of need to ‘ Crush’ them  before using them. These ones are not so closely packed- they are like looser , fatter kind of balls that need to be crushed and then applied. If you apply them without crushing you are likely to get a lot of fallout and think ‘ Aloha!!! These crushed pigments are all over the place! ‘  . But crush them a bit and you shall get rich, smooth luxurious color!!!!

My favourite way of applying pigments is this- mix with water and apply over eye as a base. Use them dry on top thm to intensify the color and add sparkle. I am DYING to do an eye with both of these since they are so warm and gorgeous, but since wedding season is underway thats no possible. The colors are very pigmented, rich and smooth and warmer toned so they  are likely to suit warmer  skintones, specially our Indian ones.

Swatches of Mac Vera Collection Aloha Crushed Metallic Pigment Stack

Verdict: A-

Price: Not sure. I got a sample

Recommendation: Aloha Crushed Metallic Pigment Stack is a stack of 4 gorgeous, warm sunset like shades from the Mac Vera COllection of which 2 samples are mentioned above. These are intensely pigmented, smooth and rich to apply with good lasting power.  Make sure you actually ‘ crush’ these before use- i like to flatten them with the end of my brush before using . If you dont crush them, you will end up with fallout…but crush them properly and its likely to go on without a hassle!

DIsclaimer: Got a sample. Honest Review. Swear.

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