Mac Eyeshadow Swatches : Some Brights , Some Neutrals

About 3 months back, when i completed swatching some 55 Mac Lipsticks i mentioned in my Mac Lipstick Swatches Recap  post that i was either going to do blushes or eyeshadows next. Well, i started with blushes, and realised it was slightly pointless because i could never capture how they would look diffused on the cheek so i kind of settled on eyeshadows.So here is the first part of Mac Eyeshadow Swatches – These are not organised in any particular way as of now, ofcourse i shall do a more organised recap later on. But for now, here is the first swatch instalment. (Psst- I bought a Mac Pink Lipstick today, i think iv found my perfect bright pink. Any guesses what?)

Mac Hepcat Eyeshadow Swatch: Hepcat is very Similar to Plum Dressing Eyeshadow- both are this plummy , pinky purple. I own Plum Dressing myself and its a really pretty purple, though i mostly reserve it for outer corners and small bits like that

Mac Steamy Eyeshadow Swatch: Ooh, reminds me of Mac Dreamy of Greys Anatomy (Drool). Mac Steamy is like this almost metallic sea green. Not very flattering on my skin tone honestly though.

Mac Parfait Amour  Eyeshadow Swatch: Sigh. i love that name- Parfait Amour. This is an icy, light lilac.

Mac Lucky Green Eyeshadow Swatch : Lucky green is a beautiful, vivid Chartreuse. Its actually a great color on brown eyes though a bit limiting!

Mac Star Violet  Eyeshadow Swatch :Star Violet is one of the most unique shades Mac has- its this purpley bronze. Swatches dont do justice here honestly because the shadow is complex-it catches the light and looks burgundy from one angle, purple from another and bronze from the third.

Mac Deep Truth Eyeshadow Swatch: This is the shadow i would go to for any type of blue smokey eye !

Mac Sable Eyeshadow Swatch: Sable is a nice pretty brown with some plum undertones.

Mac Tempting Eyeshadow : This is a luxuriously rich golden bronze with a great texture

Mac Humid Eyeshadow: Humid is a deep forest green , and THE green color to pick up if you want a green Mac Eyeshadow. A  good dupe for Mac Humid is Nyx Mermaid Green which is quite similar

Mac Contrast Eyeshadow Swatch: Contrast is a deep shimmery Navy blue, its got a bit more black to it than Deep Truth and is hence darker.

Here are all the eyeshadow swatches lined up next to each other:

Between me and my sister i think we own about ten Mac Eye Shadows , so you would have seen some others on the blog already. Mac Bronze Eyeshadow is one of my favourites as is Mac Expensive Pink. . If you want to see some neutral mac shadow swatches- then go here- Mac Neutral Eyeshadow Swatches

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