So you thought, just because im honeymooning i wont be swatching Mac eyeshadows  eh? Wrong ! Iv been swatching Mac all over stores in Europe while the boy helps me with the camera. Okay kidding. Obviously, i am too busy seeing the things in Europe right now to visit Mac stores and the boy wont even come close to anything that says Mac unless it involves electronics! These is the second instalment of Mac eyeshadow swatches that i completed a while back. These are some of my personal favourites so enjoiii!

The first three Mac Eyeshadows are:

  • Mac Folie Eyeshadow Swatch: A medium matte brown, this is my favourite crease color. Fell in love with it when a mac artist used it on me here, though i have to admit it has an extremely dry, hard to blend texture.
  • Mac Plum Dressing Eyeshadow: This is a plummy purple . On the eyes i feel like this looks almost  pink, so i restrict it to outer corners, and bits like that so as to not like overly pinkified
  • Mac Expensive Pink Eyeshadow Swatch: Love it. Love it. Love it. My first eyeshadow from mac  and definitely one of my favourites ever!! A duochrome of pink and gold, on the eyes this is peachy gold perfection. Brilliant with indian wear, with a brown in the crease and gorgeous with Bronze as well. I did an EOTD here with Expensive Pink

The next two Mac Eyeshadow Swatches are:

  • Mac Wood Winked Eyeshadow Swatch: Another must have eyeshadow for me, a light, bright gold that just glows on the eyes
  • Mac Bronze Eyeshadow Swatch: A luxuriously rich, pigmented and smooth Mac eyeshadow that i absolutely love. Feels


  • Mac Coppering Eyeshadow Swatch: A burnt reddish coppering, great for adding depth and a very Indian- bridal color!
  • Mac Tilt Eyeshadow Swatch: A pale blue with silver
  • Mac Paradisco Eyeshadow: Similar to Expensive Pink, but pinker and paler. Another really pretty one for a soft , peachy eye

The next 2 Mac Eyeshadow Swatches are

  • Mac Trax Eyeshadow Swatch: A complex murky purple brown eyeshadow with gold glitter specks
  • Mac Club Eyeshadow Swatch: One of the most unique eyeshadows from Mac club is like this dirty olive green that is just beautiful on the eyes. It looks brown from an angle, green from another, metallic from another. Very unique specially if you like dark colors!

All the Mac Eyeshadow Swatches lined up next to each other looking pretty

Left to right Mac Eyeshadow swatches: Woodwinked, Bronze, Folie, Plum Dressing, Expensive Pink

Left to right Mac Eyeshadow swatches: Cranberry, Tilt, Paradisco, Trax, Club

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