Last week i took out an ad which read something like this “Needed: Bright Pink Lipstick for somewhat pigmented lips and wheatish skin tone. Should be compatible with me and my family (read: nothing outrageous). But Should still have vivacity and spunk!” Mac Girl about Town  and Impassioned answered the advert, and while one was too cool for me, the other way too hot to handle. So i moved on to Mac Chatterbox  and  i felt like i was in love- perfect  candy, bright, pink with all the right qualities and i thought : This is it !! Turns out though, even though my lips loved it …it kind of washed out my skin tone. Way too Light for me. So i prayed to God and said “Help Me!!  My lips need a suitable match- something bright, but not neon.HELP!”.  “Speak Louder” Said God. So i did, and i yelled this time “HEELLP. MY LIPS NEED A BRIGHT LIPSTICK” and then out of nowhere *BOINNG* smacking my head as if to say “You Idiot this is what i meant by Speak Louder”  came this  little tube of pinkness called Mac Speak Louder.

Okay, so none of that really happened. I just went to the Mac store , tried on some lipsticks  and bought this- but you girls will really read anything huh? So fun. Next week i shall tell you about my pool party with my  blushes ok? :p

Mac Speak Louder: The color

Talking about Speak Louder now, Mac describes this as a clean poppy blue pink! I actually think its more of a reddish pink, but what is so great about this is that you can’t pin point it and say that its warm or cool- its likely to flatter just about anyone. It doesn’t have a neon quality too it, but it is still plenty bright, so if you want something bright and peppy and vivacious but still not scaring the boys away , then this girls. Is it! Atleast for me it is. Infact this is actually the first bright lipstick that i wore and the boy said –  ‘Hmm. You Look Pretty Today ‘. Major. Achievement. I swear if this lipstick had a butt, i would give it a nice little spank and say “Well done kid. You did your job’

Mac Cremesheen Lipsticks: The formula

Cremesheens, are one of my favourite finishes from Mac (along with Amplified Cremes). They are pigmented, have a shine to them ,  last long and are decent in the moisture department, theyre not paticularly moisturizing, but I wouldn’t call them drying either. They are not sheer like Lustres are, and are definitely nicer for girls with pigmented lips like me, while still giving a shiny finish. They also give totally opaque coverage if you want, while not weighing down or feeling heavy on the lips. I thought Speak Louder in particular was creamier and had better glide than the other cremesheen lipsticks i have tried from Mac. I also felt like it wore longer and left a pretty stain!


A lazy post work fotd: Before you guys say “Oh you have the bridal glow. That’s TBS Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation” !!!

PS: My pictures don’t really do justice. If you want to see clearer swatches then see IBC’s Swatch of this here  on NC 45 skin. Also, if you are a dusky girl, then IBC is a supremely great blog ! Love it!

Verdict: A+

Price: Rs 990/-

Recommendation:  Mac Speak Louder Lipstick , is a bright almost fuschia pink that is perfect for you if you want a vivacious color but are scared of sporting ultra hot pink lips. It’s not neon, but still  bright.  Also a universally flattering one unlike some of those rather cool pinks that might clash. Definitely one of my favourite lipsticks from Mac till date!

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