Make Up Forever (MUFE) Rouge Art Intense Lipstick #29

It was about 3 months ago, that i was scrambling like a headless chicken in the malls in Dubai. My two tiny feet which boast of being seasoned- mall experts just could not keep up with the sheer size of those Dubai Malls and i was just running helter skelter with shopping bags all around me like a maniac.  I kept turning new corners , my feet were killing me and nothing was getting accomplished. So i just gave up.  sat on the nearest bench i could find, grabbed a shawarma,  stared at the good looking sheikh men (listen, those young ones with their white robes and all..under all that they are pretty handsome) and resigned myself to the fact that i wont be able to take anything home for anybody.

Suddenly, after about the fourth chomp into the shawarma, as if a sign from the makeup gods, a group of 3 women passed me by saying “Next Stop- Make Up Forever“. That’s all I needed to hear- i grabbed my bags, raised my headless chicken head and followed them as swiftly and silently as a seasoned stalker. The stalking paid off, and soon enough two minutes later i was in MUFE heaven (Thank you 3 random girls!! Hope you didn’t get scared by the maniac stalker with  frizzy hair carrying a half eaten shawarma and shopping bags. I now realised i could have just asked you, but my brain was too fuzzy at the time).


The stalking did result in a purchase or two, and one of them was this Makeup Forever Rouge Art  Lipstick # 29 which i bought for my mom. It was a classic ‘mom’ shade- muted, plummy, pinky brown. Actually, it’s a classic ‘Indian Mom’ shade, because when i asked the sales assistant for lipstick recommendations for my mother, she came out with the brightest neon pinks and oranges. Its Dubai you see, even older women wear blue eyeshadow and hot pink lips! But MUFE  #29 is a plum pink, similar to Mac Craving in a way, but Craving is more vibrant  while this is more muted. It’s nice to have a plum lipstick that’s not out-and-out vamp-like so #29 is one of them. It’s a color that is likely to be pulled of by all skin tones – specially if you are medium to dark, this is a very MLBB color. For lighter skin tones, this is a nice way to wear a darker lip.

This was my first stint with Makeup Forever Lipsticks and i have to say,these are definitely the MOST Pigmented and CREAMIEST lipsticks i have tried. Right up there with amplified creams, the formula is thick and creamy -you can probably tell in the swatch. One swipe, and you are on a speed boat to opaque-lip heaven! Surprisingly, even though they are creamy they are not particularly moisturizing- not to say they are drying, but they are just about okay in the moisture department. They last a long time, i get about 6 solid hours with this, and they stain as they bid good bye to your lips . You might want to skip these in sweltering hot summer months though, because they are kind of heavy on the lips- definitely not the lightest lipsticks around.


Verdict:  A+

Product :4.5/5, Pigmentation:5/5 , Texture:4/5, Longevity:4.5/5, Packaging:5/5

Recommendation: Make Up Forever Rouge Art Intense Lipsticks are extremely pigmented and creamy (probably the best in that department from all the ones i have tried), long lasting, although slightly heavy on the lips . They are okay in the moisture department, but one swipe is enough for anybody so girls with pigmented lips should seriously consider these. #29 is a muted Plum Pink, which is a nice everyday sort of a color for medium to dusky skin tones, and a nice way to wear a deeper plum for lighter skin tones

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