OPI Lucky Luck Lavender

Who knew a nail polish could change your fortunes? But OPI seems to think so , insisting that this lavender nail polish is not just lucky, its lucky lucky !!! (I dont know why, but im getting an image of this nail polish dancing around , waving its brush in the air doing bhangra in that song- “Oy lucky lucky Oy!”) . While i am yet to test whether this actually gave me any luck (im going to wear this to a cards party and see if i win!), i can safely say OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender is one of the prettiest pastel polishes to own this summer.

Lavender is really a wrong word to describe this polish-its definitely not a blue based purple. This is more mauve- a soft, light purplish pink. Infact its more pink with a hint of purple in it. That was a slight dissapointment since really, i just wanted a lavender polish but once this was on my hands i kind of fell in love and didnt mind! Like all OPI Polishes this was smooth and hassle free to apply and its been 3 days without chipping on my hand so yay! OPI Cremes are really lovely and streak free so they are a delight to apply! One thing i do love about OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender one more than other OPI’s is that this was two coats to opaque while in some other lighter ones like Sweetheart and Coney Island Cotton Candy, it takes atleast 3 to reach anywhere near opacity! One thing i did notice though was that this particular one did not have the kind of glossy finish i experienced with Coney Island. This was much more subtle shine and not high gloss.

The reason i actually went and spent this much money on a nail polish is because on my honeymoon i wanted a polish thats sturdy and chip resistant. ( Me no buying nail polish remover from Paris and paying 10 Euros for it !!!) . OPI and Illamasqua have the most longest wearing formulas iv tried to date hands down, so i stocked up on some of these to get me by.I cant think of a cheap dupe for this one. I think soft mauves that look good on my skin are hard to find. Most mauves make my hands look dull , but this one is not that! Can you guys think of a dupe for this one?

* Its much more pinker in real life. My camera refuses to capture it!

*The actual polish is more pink than this. I dont know, the sunlight does wierd things to this Lucky Lavender

Verdict: A

Price: Rs 480/- on Urbantouch.com

Recommendation: OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender is more a pinkish mauve polish with a creme finish thats just a delight to apply. It took me to coats to opaque ( but i put 3 anyway), its long wearing, chip resistant and super smooth in application. I wish the finish were a tad more glossy like other OPI’s but otherwise im not complaining!

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