Original Source Vanilla Milk and Raspberry Shower Gel Review

Guest Post by Kritika (Medium Skin tone, Oily-Combination SKin)

 Do you ever feel like giving yourself a little treat or reward after probably hitting the gym and working your butt off, or going for a run after work, or running on the treadmill, or managing to get through the metro ride without punching someone in the face, or managing to drive back home through those maniacal traffic jams without greeting your fellow drivers with the middle finger. So a few nights ago I felt like treating myself to a nice shower with my new ‘Vanilla milk and Raspberry’ shower gel by Original Source. And boy oh boy, what a treat it was..

A little something about Original Source, “We’ve been making shower gels for some time now. But long before we made our first one, we sat in a darkened room, stripped to our waists and made some big promises that we’ve kept to this day.


  • Never ever consider, or even think of, showering or bathing as a routine
  • Always remain curious (enough to worry Laura from Health & Safety)
  • Use our senses to discover intense experiences
  • Use natural ingredients
  • Never tire of looking for new ingredients
  • Never stop messing around with new ingredients and packaging
  • Never test our products on animals
  • Always test our products on ourselves
  • Never be wasteful

Original Source is also a member of the Aromatherapy Trade Council and also work closely with the Vegan Society. Their products contain either pure and natural essential oils or natural extracts. They produce as much as they can in the UK and don’t believe in flying in their products from every corner of the world. I personally feel it’s a good practice for brands to use and promote locally grown and made products and ingredients. Good job Original Source !! *pat pat*

On the bottle it says, ’82 British sunrises helped make one moisturising bottle of this’. The text at the back says, ‘We’ve waited 82 British sunrises for these Raspberries to ripen before we squeezed them with vanilla milk into this recyclable bottle. This moisturising shower will leave your skin soft and smelling sweet.’

Directions: Original Source + Water = 1 Softened you.


I totally love their packaging. The bottle looks so adorable in my bathroom. I love the font used and the description they give. It’s definitely bright and fun and goes really well with the brand’s fun image. The shower gel is quite runny in the consistency and the first I opened it in the shower, I ended up making a huge mess. So I suggest you to open it while the flip tab is facing up and not down because the shower gel is just gonna run out. Or pour it out holding the bottle horizontally.

A little ingredient gyan about Raspberries from their website,

—     In Greek mythology, raspberries were originally white, only turning red when the nymph Ida pricked her finger picking berries. Nowadays, raspberries are known for their detoxifying qualities and that’s exactly why we picked this berry ! Raspberries have always been an indulgent treat. In 1840, US President Martin Van Buren was said to be ‘wallowing in raspberries’ for his decadent lifestyle. Fortunately, you don’t need to be Presidents to enjoy its benefits.

If I have to describe this shower gel in one word I’d say it’s, DELICIOUS ! I really can’t get enough of this, I’m so hooked ! I used it once all over with my bath gloves and then a second time just on my arms for the smell. It smells of strawberry milkshake with a bucketload of strawberries. It’s simply divine. This has to be the nicest smelling shower gel in the history of the shower gels. Its luxurious and aromatic and you wouldn’t want to get outta your shower once you use this. You have to give this little pink bottle of magic and joy a try and I bet you’d be hooked. I’m afraid that one of these days I might give in and have a sip of it. No no Kritika ! It’s meant for bathing and not eating.

It delivers what it promises, one softened you. Its highly moisturising. Apart from leaving your skin smelling sweet, It will leave your skin uber soft and moisturised. Now I’m someone who is loyal Dove bar user and hate the feeling of any other soap on my skin. And let me tell you, it feels almost like it. Now in summers I can do without a moisturiser underneath my sunscreen. The scent doesn’t really linger on your skin but I’m fine with that.

Verdict: A+

Price: Rs.195 for 250ml of Qty 

Will I repurchase: Hell yeah !  Available at www.urbantouch.com

Recommendation: If you want an incredible shower gel shower cream that smells divine and good enough to eat and wraps your body in goodness of vanilla milk, look no further  than Original Source Vanilla Milk and Raspberry Shower Gel beauty lovahs !

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