I have new found respect for models.

Seriously. It’s a hard job and I only recently realised that I kind of suck at it. I have  an expressionless face that refuses to emote.Okay so i have two expressions- the girl next door smile, and the gazing into space trying to be all naturally pretty. Any other expression just gets transformed into confused, cross eyed wierd looking pouty fishy face. The reason i realised this is because about two weeks ago i went for my first ever photoshoot because a newly launched magazine wanted to feature me on their cover page (For some odd reason  they chose me i have no clue why). The photographer kept trying to tell me ‘Madam expression nahi aa raha’…till the point i was like ‘Damnit this is all my face can do- specially at 6 am on a sunday!!! I styled myself, and was told to be mostly bare faced for the shoot…and i took along two sets of clothing (actually i took along like 6, but there was no place to change and a slightly possessive boy got annoyed after about half an hr so two is all i got shots in). This is what i was wearing in the final pic that made it to the cover…

Outfit Breakdown

  • Floral Print Dress :   Fifth Avenue, GK 1 M Block Market : Rs 2200/-
  • White Blazer: Forever 21 Rs 1900/-
  • White Belt: Kazo : Rs 700/-
  • Red Peep toes: Aldo  Rs 4000/-
  • Black Chain Necklace: See here


The picture that made it to the cover:

The actual Cover page. Why did they change the color of my lipstick??????

Youngistan magazine is available in select  stores in South Delhi. The photographs have been shot by the extremely talented Ajay Raj SIngh of www.playlight.in . He also does wedding and pre wedding couple photography by the way, and is quite affordable !

Also..I have a TON of outfit posts lined up but mostly Indian. Just to give you a little update, tommorow is my official kick off for wedding celebrations. One of my moms friends is hosting a small ladies sangeet at her house and im wearing a light, cotton lehenga in orange and pink.. Shall get you pics in the next bridal file day after!!

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