If it were up to me, i would parade around Delhi Markets in tiny hot shorts and a tank top- have you seen the freaking temperature? 46 degrees!! But at the end of the day, i live in New Delhi and not New York and whether i like it or not, wearing hot pants in a Delhi Market means having dozen letchy icky guys mentally undress me. Actually, they mentally undress you in delhi no matter what you wear, but just for safety sake, i try not to roam around in shorts unless im in a mall! On the other hand- jeans are totally ick-worthy in this weather. I take one look at my dark washed denim drainpipes and my legs beg me not to put them on- they literally stick to your skin as you slip them on and who wants dark blue jeans

So i chanced upon the perfect summer trousers- the best part of them is they are available in dozens of pastel colors!! I have a mint green and baby pink and a white, but theres a blue one and a red one and any other one you wish! My favourite way to wear them if to wear a white shirt/ top with them, and contrasting ballet flats r flip flops but whatever floats your fancy.

Even though mine are denim, they are light , soft denim that doesnt itch and stick to your legs. But you can get these in cotton, linen and stretchy fabrics too!

Where to find these Pastel Trousers:

  • Levis : Rs 2499 (These are where mine are from- made of light denim)
  • Zara : Rs 2399 (These are not denim, but really nice, breathable cotton)
  • Vero Moda: Rs 999/- (These ones are like tights, but they have seams like trousers- its just genius !.You can just wear a slightly longer than usual top and it doesnt even look like tights. They look like trousers-iv worn them to work wth my shirt tucked out in fact)

Want an outfit post with these? Hang on, Let me return from my honeymoon first! TONS of Outfit posts lined up!


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