Day 2 of the wedding celebrations (the day after youngsters), was the mehendi in the morning and the engagement in the evening. I’m still awaiting the Mehendi pics, so ill put those when i actually get them, but Day 2 was extremely hectic. After sleeping the previous night at 4 am, i had to wake up early for Mehendi which by far was the most torturous experience of my life. Dont get me wrong, the mehendi was gorgeous, but it took like 6 hoursssss and i honestly dont have that kind of patience, specially because he wrapped up by 5 pm  and then i had to rush to get ready for the engagement! If i can give one word of advice to brides – keep the evening of your mehendi free !!! Putting mehendi is exhaustinggg ugh!  I had two cans of red bull before heading out because i really felt i would collapse and i honestly dont love mehendi that much to sit for it for 6 hours. Grr!  More mehendi stories later, but Engagement was the function which was kind of like cocktail/Engagement so there were performances and general dancing, apart from the exchanging of the rings.

The engagement was hosted by the boy’s family so my family entered together with 2 dhol wallas leading the way into the hotel. If i didnt have to be the elegant, demure bride i would have just done bhangra with them and danced my way to my seat , but i refrained. Then followed the ring exchanging, a small pooja and stuff and then the performances !



Cutest Performance of the Night: My mom and dad on Laung da lishkara, Boys Family on “Ek Panjaban Dil Chura ke le gaee’ (Referring to me )

Second Cutest Performance of the Night: My aunts (maami’s and maasi’s ) doing an item number- the Parda Parda one gauhar khan did in Once upon a time in Mumbai, They refused to dance on some boring old song, they said theyre no ‘aunties’!!

Surprise / Jaw Dropping Performance of the Night: The Boy with his friends dancing on ‘Im sexy and i know it ‘. Im not kidding, in the middle of the Bollywood  performances he got up from my side , said he will be back in a minute and next thing i know he is on stage, performing with his friends on ‘ Im sexy and i know it’ and doing pretty graphic pelvic thrusts to the wordings ‘Iv got passion in my pants and i aint afraid to show it ‘. LOL. Half of me wanted to sink into the ground and hide my face and the other half  wanted to jump up and scream. Needless to say, my family didn’t let me live down that performance!!!

Fun Performances of the night: The Boys dad and sisters on ‘ Papa toh baand bajaye’ , My cousins on Tu Mera Hero, My friends on CHikni CHameli (I had choreographed this), so i was doing the steps with my hand sitting on the bride and groom sofa, just in case they forgot!

Rocking Performance of the night: My brothers, all of whome are frankly brilliant dancers to Angrezi Beat, Pungi and Tashan me Rehna.

Brilliant Dancers of the Night: Boys cousin brother, My cousin sister (who people thought was a professional dancer we had hired).

My solo: Bahaara (I didnt love this song, but i was so short of options by the end, i just wanted to do a nice loive song that wasnt soppy and Bahaara fgit the bill.) I remember a reader suggesting me this song, so THANK you whoever you are, i don’t remember but someone emailed me with song optionsss!

Group Family Performance: Rum Rum Whiskey (The dhol dhol song) from Vicky Donor.

Boy and Mine Performance:  Started with ‘Rabta ‘ (One of my fav songs ever),  ended with ‘Tum Mile’.

If my family had the better dancers (im being honest, we are a family of dancers), then the boys family more than made up for it with their enthusiasm and cuteness. There was obviously craziness on the dance floor once the DJ came on as well !!! I don’t think i ate the whole night, i just wanted to dance, get pictures clicked and in general partyyyy!

The Suneet Verma Gown (Remixed)- Love it or Hate it?

All my apprehensions about that grey gown were put to rest, because i dont think it ended up looking as dull as i was fearing it to be. Infact in the sea of pinks i thought it was a bit different. What i also did to make it look a little less gown like and more indian, i bought gold chantilly lace and got it encrusted with sequins and embroidery. I hung that on one shoulder and then from the back, made a Ú’ and pinned it to the other side. It somehow gave an indian touch to the whole outfit so it didnt look as gown-ish.

Makeup and Hair was done by a lady called Doris in Hyderabad!

PS: I dont put up pictures of the boy because those are kind of private ! Not because im obsessed with myself!

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