* A lot of you are going ga-ga over this mehendi design, believe me the other side was tons prettier. He made a bride and groom with mehendi and a palki and stuff, it was gorgeous, but no snaps of those. WHy? Oh read the post yll know!

Mehendi was a tiny little small affair on Day 2, in the morning of the Éngagement . You know, honestly for me it was like chinese torture i kid you not. It was just an event with close family in the apartments where we were staying, and i thought -“Hey! Mehendi done in two hours, then ill eat food, dance to some ‘Mehendi Laga ke rakhna’ type music and done! “. But nobody prepared me for the fact that it takes more than 5 freaking hours putting that thing on your hand. Add to that an ultra strict mehendi artist , who whenver i moved was like “Madame, aapki mehendi kharab ho rahi hai. Firse hilengi toh ek aur ghanta lagaoonga” . *Sadist*. So yeah, i parked my butt on a plastic chair from 11 am to 5 pm, and all i wanted to do was screamm!!

Grrr. It got to a point where i told him “Listen Mehendi Dude. I dont care whether it gets spoilt or not, this is the least of my worries” . It really was, specially because you know, once the mehendi is on it all looks the same anyway- Black squiggly lines on your hand. I dont know, im just not a mehendi girl so i dont care about the intricacies. Not much to say about the event honestly, the cousins practiced their moves which they were going to perform for the engagement, i just sat their with a grumppy face on a chair . Post Mehendi, i lay down for about half an hour, downed two cans of red bull and then headed to get ready for the engagement. Exhausted doesnt even begin to cover it !!!



DIY Mehendi Outfit:

Since Mehendi was a small event i didnt want to spend too much money for my outfit so i did this:

  • Took an old phulkari dupatta of mine which i dont use, and got a corset made out of it. Cheap and effective.
  • Got a matching skirt in cotton alongside it!

It was made by yet another cousin of mine who also runs a boutique..

DIY Mehendi Makeup

Mehendi Makeup: Almost Nothing! Reason: How would i get it all off since i cant wash my hands and then i needed to get ready for the  engagement. Just gloss, my favourite peaches blush and eyeliner.

DIY Mehendi Decor : Hung Bhandni Dupattas all around the house and covered the sofas with them too- looked like a riot of colors!

PS: I dont have ANY photographs with the mehendi all put on my hands because it took so long the photographer had to leave!!!!!!!


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