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I find it so uncanny, that i started the bridal files with a photo taken off google of a brides hand  in this sort of a pose, and im ending it with an actual picture of me in a somewhat similar pose

You know how every bride has that picture of what she wants to look like on her wedding day. Well for me, somehow that picture didnt quite transform into reality as much as i had hoped it would. It honestly was a question of racing against time and like they say, no weddings a wedding without some last minute goof ups right?

It started when i reached the venue at 3 pm, thinking ill relax, sleep in the room and wait for my makeup artist to arrive at 5. First of all, the venue people refused to accept that im a bride and i have a booking there. I seriously just looked at them and said “Dude, i have red bangles on my hand , mehendi till my neck almost , an engagement ring, haldi on my face and oil in my hair. Do you REALLLY think i like roaming around like this trying to con hotels into thinking im a bride?????”. Well, i guess that scared them, because i was in my room soon after but an hour and a half had already gone by!!

The next thing- my makeup artist was late by an entire hour and a bit more. And she was not just doing my makeup, my cousin wanted to get her makeup and hair done by her too!! So yeah, by the time i could hear the baaraat at the gate, i was just starting with everything. PANIC. The baraats there and im still in my bloody pyjamas!! “Please boys friends, please dance like you are Shiela’s / Munnis and keep dancing” i prayed, and thankfully they did. Makeup and hair happened in a rushed way though , i put on my lehenga and one thing i regret- i had no time to ‘FLuff my can-can under the lehenga’ . Sigh. I had bought that lehenga because it had a humungous huge  ghera (flare), and i just had to rush so much that fluffing it slipped my mind!


Bridal Lehenga from Frontier Raas

 Price of Lehenga: Rs 1.2 Lakhs before discount. After discount, a little less than a lakh

The Entry

Every bride wants a good entry, and i had been planning mine since like forever. When i was entering i made the music change to “Punjab”  by Karunesh. For those of you who dont recognize that song- its an old, slow, folk song with like a haunting quality (Haye re mere dadiya rabba…) . I love that bridal entry song!!!!

(PS: when my chacha got married , the dj put on ‘BHeege honth tere, pyaasa tan mera ” when my chachi entered and she obviously hated it since it is frankly the lAST song you want to enter too!!!. So please make sure you know your song before hand)

My sisters formed two rows with diyas in their hands and the hall lights dimmed so the diyas flickered in the darkness, there was a palm leaf flat on the hand on which there were diyas. I walked behind them in the centre under a flower mesh that my brothers held together.


The ‘Standing’ vs ‘Sitting ‘Fiasco.

So you know, i never really thought about mine and the boys wedding being cross cultural since so many customs were similar. It came to really bite me in the behind on the wedding day. You see in my family, and in punjabi weddings in general the groom and the bride seat comfortably on the sofa, while the guest flank them on either side from behind the sofa etc. Now, i had a pretty heavy dupatta on the head ( I should have taken the lighter one- but this one was so pretty, and had that royal blue facing on the inside that i wanted this one), and i had assumed i would be sitting which was pretty comfortable. But in Hyderabad apparently, you have to stand all throughout your wedding as guests come and meet you. Frankly, that guests meeting bit took about two and a half hours. So i stood there with a zillion pins digging into my skull, my 2 kg dupatta throwing my head back and just wanting to cry. I kept cribbing, boy kept getting annoyed because he didnt understand what the big deal was  , but now when i look back at it i laugh because in the video both me and the boy are all smiley and laughey and only i know that what looks like a ‘sweet nothing’ on camera is me actually whispering curses into his ear!

Aww moment– the super awesome pandit-ji who said ‘You may kiss the bride’ after the feras. I loved thattt!! Though , we kept the kiss on the cheek (its still India you know!)

The camera didnt capture it the skirt has small little twinkling  crystals embedded in it which catch the light and sparkle! Look closely at the red flowers you wll see


The OUtfit and Makeup

The Bridal lehenga and why i chose it.

Because its different . Because while other brides look like red + bling, pink+ bling, orange+ bling on their wedding day ..this lehenga was…different !!! There was a riot of color on the skirt, the blouse was a different color and there  was not an overload of cham-cham overpowering the essence of the lehenga (Tell me, how many weddings have you gone to and actuallly remembered the design of the lehenga?) . I ADORED the skirt with all the threadwork of flowers and small rhinestones on it. I loved how fulll and flared the skirt (it was really MASSIVE, but i didnt fluff it so its like half its actual size) was and i loved the red and blue dupatta in contrast.  Some people felt it was ‘light’ , but i dont care.

The dupatta above came along with and i got an orange toned dupatta made (bought the border from Kinari Bazaar) and attached it!

 Biggest outfit Compliment: “Did he make the second dupatta as well or you got that made” asked SomeoneWho he? “I said confused . “Sabyasachiiii obv” she said. I grinned “Its not  Sabya , though im thrilled you would think that it is! “

Where i bought it from: Frontier Raas, South Ex.

The Accessories & Makeup

I did wear that waist belt of mine, see if you can spot it in the pictures.I also gave in and wore a  big nose ring on family pressure but it didnt look half as bad as i thought, I wore an armlet on one arm, Payals on both feet, flat juttis for shoes, a maang tikka, and the wedding set which was Polki.

Did i Love the Makeup? Honestly NO. I didnt love it, i thought it was okay but it was the best i found in Hyderabad and better than the tragic trials i had. Also i think at the time i was thinking because its done in a hurry it wont be good, but the photors have turned out really nice so alls well!

PS: So will Bridal Posts continue? Absolutely! I have a seperate tab called Bridal on the purple bar above, and while i may not be documenting my wedding madness (though there might be a couple of more óf my wedding madness as well) , there will still be outfits, makeup , makeup tips, artist recommendations etc.

PS: I also am launching a ‘Real Brides’ Feature where i will feature one bride every month or so, her outfits and her stories on this blog!!! If you are a bride to be, or know of someone who wants to be featured and is comfortabe sharing their pictures, where they bought they’r lehenga from etc, then do email me and you/they could be the next ‘P & B Real Bride!’

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