Drama at the Airport

Lets start from the top shall we, it all started rather badly as we arrived at Delhi airport to catch our flight to Hyderabad. First of, the bride in question (aka me!) booked the wrong tickets for my grandma and her sister. So yes, their tickets were wrongly booked for 20th May instead of 20th June and i swear, had i not been the bride my mom would have wrung my neck. Then, once we arranged for their flights at a later date, we realised we were 60 kgs over the specified baggage claim. Shock. Horror. Gasp. 60 kgs multiplied by 200 rs penalty per kg=12000 Rs !!! (I could buy a new anarkali in that much!!!)

After begging, pleading, making the most doe-eyed, innocent bride to be like faces to the indigo crew, he waved off about 20 of those 60 kgs , but you can do the math, we still payed through our nose for baggage. You know, in DDLJ, they never showed all this when Simrann left London for India to get married. Im sure she would have been overlimit too!!! Hufff. Nonsense

Anyway, fast forwarding a little bit- we arrived in Hyderabad to gorgeous , glorious weather. It was cool, and pleasant and just  perfect- kind of like Delhi in October !!! The next couple of days we had some tiny poojas and things like that but the first big function was the youngsters.For all of us,  Hyderabad was one big party, we had booked service apartments so everyone- from family to friends  felt at home and every apartment had a private ‘after party’ after each function. Crazy fun with about 60-70 people staying in one place!!!! It was SO fun.

Pray, what is this youngsters you ask.  Basically its an excuse for the bride and grooms friends to get together and drink themselves silly without parental supervision. ANd that’s exactly what happened. While i was off alcohol throughout the wedding (don’t want to deal with puffiness and hangovers thank you very much), my cousins and friends ensured that there was never a dull moment.I honestly dont know what i did at the youngsters, i danced A LOT tto everything from Punjabi to Guetta, there was a little couple dance thing organised at the end for me and the boy and they played a reallly nice slow  track but it went on for 4 whole minutes and i think the boy fell asleep on my shoulder. My dress was a size too big for me, so i just kept pulling it up like atleast a 100 times in the whole night!!!! Thats kind of what i remember, and not because i had anything to drink (i drank only water), but because the whole night just passed in adrenaline and daze.

What did the elders do while the youngsters partied? There was a karaoke party/dinner organised for the oldies (SOrry oldies- i know you dont consider yourself oldies), so they made merry while singing on the microphone!


Dress: Forever New

Chunky Gold Necklace: Forever New

Gold Clutch: Jimmy Choo (Wedding Gift from Cousin)


Body Shop Extra Virgin Foundation

Black Winged Liner: Loreal Pen Liner (Fav Liner for Winged Linerss!)

Mac Speak Louder Lipstick

Mac Dollymix Blush

Benefit Highlighter

No the boy isnt there in any of the above snaps, he was too busy playing host to pose with me!

How i stole my youngsters jacket (Not shown here)

So here is the thing. I wanted a sequinned jacket with my white dress because earlier we were going to go meet some elders before the party started, so i thought i should have something to cover up. I saw the PERFECT sequinned jacket at Promod. Except it was never in stock- so i went there literally every second day, put my name in 5 times  to reserve and honestly irritated the store manager so much that he hid every time i went in the store. Finally one day as i was crossing the store i saw the SA holding the jacket with the reservation tag- but the tag said NEHA and there was a different phone number!!! What the?? I have been following up on that jacket since 2 months and its reserved for someone elssseee!!!! I walked up to the SA and said “But..But… i reserved that Jacket!!!! ” I told the SA. She looked at me and smiled'”Oh you must be NEHA then , i was just calling you!”. My mind did a quick retake “Umm..yeah im Neha “i said (In my head i was mentally apologising to Neha).  Before the actual neha came around, i quickly paid for it and dashed out of the store!!! Yes girls. I defied  the cardinal rule of shopping. I stole from another girl- but i  was just so desperate for it, and i couldn’t find anything else and it was my wedding and i just needed it ~!!!! Neha if you are reading this girl, im sorry !!!!!


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