Faces Butter Up Lip Balm Review

Guest Post by Sristi (Medium Skin tone, Normal to Oily Skin)

What Faces says about the product?

Butter Up, the deliciously rich and nourishing Lip Balm from FACES, keeps your lips soft and luscious. Its super hydrating formula gives you a reason to smile, always.

So I go to my regular beauty joint to buy a few regular products and I come back home with a few extra nail colors and this lip balm and get a nice little telling from my mother as to how I shouldn’t spend so much money on things I don’t need. Ughh! Story of my life. Anyways, I have never tried Faces lip balms before and when I saw this Faces Butter Up Lip Balm, I knew I had to have it. And moreover, it was Lemon flavor. The thought of something lemon-y on my lips was too hard to resist.

So the Faces Butter Up Lip Balm comes in a very simple (a tad too simple, if you ask me) tube packaging. The first thing that greets you when you open the cap is its smell !!! The smell is the best thing about this lip balm. It’s so citrusy and fresh and just perfect for the summers. It is just so refreshing!

Texture-wise, the lip balm’s great. It glides on super smoothly and feels very light and comfortable on the lips. Its very moisturizing and hydrating. It stays on my lips for about 3-3.5 hours after which I feel the need to re-apply! The fragrance of the lip balm lingers on for quite some time after application. The lip balm is transparent and would be perfect for wear under lipstick.


  • Citrusy, very refreshing smell.
  • Glides on smoothly.
  • Feels very light on lips.
  • Very moisturizing.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Ingredient list clearly mentioned.
  • Tube packaging.



  • Boring packaging. Wish they would perk it up a little bit.
  • NO SPF.


Rating : A

Price: Rs 99/-

Will I Repurchase? :– Absolutely. I saw just another flavor – Strawberry at the store the other day. If they have flavors other than strawberry, would love to try them too!

Recommendation:- I am in love with this  Faces Butter Up lip balm – the smell, texture, hydration power – it has everything going for it. I suggest you ladies definitely give this lip balm a shot!

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