Its meee! Duh.

Back from Wedding Craziness and a  European Honeymoon with a tummy full of Macaroons, truffles, crepes, cheese and fondue !!!! Im having a hard time getting back to reality of me NOT being the centre of attention, of not dressing up everyday for the wedding, of not having a function/dinner/ event every night and morning , of not having a million photographers asking me to smile at the camera. Sigh. Normal Life.

Im currently awaiting the digital snaps of the wedding , which iv been told should be available in a day or two. Rest all the stories in the next bridal files! EEE. Cant  wait.

By the way, just to give you a peek into the hecticness of life- we landed back in Delhi today, and mr.boy is already off to mumbai for work and i had to immediately go and purchase a sofa set, a dining table and a cabinet so that our house is liveable!! Groan.

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