Girls who like men in uniform, raise your makeup brushes in the air! Im waving my  Flat Top Kabuki high in the air at the moment, but since there isnt any handsome sailor man infront of me right now, ill just have to practice my  little” Hey Sailor” move till the time i meet one . I just cannot say it without tilting my head, giving a big cheesy wink and a mock salute! “ Hey Sailor , what did you bring back from the sea for me” * Wink **Mock Salute*  .

Well the sailor at the  Mac ship bought ashore these little tiny jewelled treasures called Mac Pigments in Naval and Old Gold as part of the Mac ‘ Hey Sailor ‘ Collection . Arent these the perfect sailor colors- a rich, indigo blue  and a gorgeous, gold with a greenish sheen!

Mac Old Gold Pigment is a bright,  antique gold with a greenish tinge. Old Gold is part of MAC’s permanent line of pigments as well and if you want a nice shimmery eyeshadow to wear with your indian wear, then Old Gold is gorgeous. Specially when you pair it with Emerald Greens, Old Gold really blossoms.

Mac Naval Pigment is a luxuriously rich indigo blue with silver shimmer. In some lights, you can see just a hint of purple in it but mostly its just a pretty, pretty, blue and though its not all over lid color for me, this is gorgeous for a blue and gold look, or applied as an eyeliner when wet. Somehow, i can imagine those gorgeous  Dubai women  having a field day with this pigment – the best selling eyeshadow in Dubai is Atlantic Blue , so getting a shimmery Blue pigment must be like christmas !!

Both the Pigments are extremely pigmented, and soft and smooth to apply. These can be used wet or dry depending on how intense you wat the look to b: wet they give really rich intense color, but even dry they are very pigmented too.  They can also be mixed with clear nail polish to create your own colors (im thinking Naval nail polish!!), and  are basically multi purpose makeup products. Pigments do have fallout issues, as do these but they are definitely less than the usual run off the mill pigments you get from the market and are much smoother to pat on to your lid. Another thing about Mac Pigments is that they wear a ridiculously long amount of time- you can go sailing and back and still have pretty blue and gold eyes. Infact, when doing an intense makeup look, use these pigments wet as bases and see how long they wear!

I have a problem in general with the way all pigments are packaged, i  understand packaging loose powder is hard, but there needs to be something better than dumping them in plastic jars right? I mean-sailor striped or not, thats kind of tacky and inconvenient!

Mac Old Gold Pigment

Mac Naval Pigment

Verdict: A

Product:4/5,Pigmentation:5/5, Texture:4.5/5, Longevity:4.5/5, Value & Packaging: 3/5

Price: Rs 1350/- (I think, im not sure how these are priced Thanks Pooja!)
Recommendation: Mac Old Gold and Naval Pigments from the Hey Sailor Collection are two gorgeous ones to own in your stash. While Old Gold is more versatile and wearable, if you are a brights girl then you will love Naval as well!

Disclaimer: Sent by PR as wedding gift.

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