Mac Pillow Talk Lipstick 

Guest Post by Dhara (Medium Skin NC41 , Combination SKin)

“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural” – Calvin Klein.

Seems like this quote was the main inspiration behind MAC’s  recent collection called ‘Naturally’. As you can guess, this collection mainly consists of products which will help you achieve a glamorous yet natural look.  The product in spotlight is the Mac lipstick ‘Pillow Talk’, a light medium beige brown with a subtle shimmer and  sheen belonging to the ‘cremesheen’ family. No, there nothing dirty about this “pillow talk” but there’s definitely some sexiness to it ;) .

This cremesheen glides on the lips like a dream and giving a definite shine to the pout best brought out by MAC ‘lustre’ lipsticks !! Yes, so you have creamy application and shine, two birds with one lipstick i say!  I love how this lipstick plumps up my lips a bit on application, giving it a pillowy effect..apt name, ‘Pillow Talk’ :D

The color of the Pillow Talk  in the bullet looks almost like a tan-ey beige, it comes out a nice natural beige with a slight tan on the lips. Now tan and summers go hand in hand and more so when tan can make you look uber chic,  no qualms there ! Back to the natural-ness, you know its natural enough when your mom/MIL says “Teri lipstick toh dikh hi nahi rahi”  (Translation: I cant see your lipstick only!) I get to hear this a alot from my super punjabi MIL. Yeah she’s one of those typical punju women for whom there are lipsticks in only 3 shades namely Magenta, Maroon and Red !! *rolling eyes to the back of my skull* Anyways, a great way to show off this natural beauty is to play up either your eyes or cheeks.

Mac Pillow Talk Swatch

The other things are quite the usual,  if you are not a Mac Virgin those will be familiar: The same ‘ol vanilla frag, the matte black case, slant tipped bullet, creamy app, no fine line settling and no more wear then 2.5 hrs :p A lil scrubbing of the lips before lipstick application never did hurt anyone but this lippy makes it almost compulsory !!


Mac Pillow Talk Swatch on Lips

Verdict: A

Price: Rs 990/-

Recommendation: Mac Pillow Talk is a pretty, natural beige with a slight tan and subtle shimmer. Its a great sort of sophisticated, natural beige color for the lips,  which reflects light and gives a subtle plumped feel . It will specially look great when  you have heavier eyes but might wash out skin tones darker than say NC 42.

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