Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in On and On Bronze: Swatches and Review

While honeymooning in London, our hotel was right opposite the local ‘Boots’ store . (Read: Endless temptation to pop in and quickly bill a few things when boy isnt looking). Now, more often than not, i was entering ‘Boots’ in a sleepy state, in my sponge bob square pants pyjamas to get a bottle of water or toothpaste or something like that  and i just  kept attracting a million eyes staring  at me the whole time.  Maybe people in london dont wear pyjamas out on the road i thought (Well, they do- except they wear those Juicy Couture velour trackpants you know- not cartoon ones). Finally when two people  came up to me and asked me  “Ooh is that a tattooo??? ” i realised- oh THATS what they are all looking at ! The Mehendi!!! While i explained to them , that no it was not a tattoo and we had a discussion on the differences in tattoo and henna,  my eyes wandered to something else that was called a tattoo- the much raved about Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows.  Add to the fact that there was a 3 for the price of 2 offer going on at Boots, i knew that my little toothpaste package  would get a teeny bit heavier!

“On and On Bronze” may sound like an advertisement of a tanning salon, but its Maybelline’s promise to give you 24 hours of eyeshadow wear (See- i never understand these things- why promise 24 hours when noone really needs it more than 12! You wont wear eyeshadow to sleep will you?). The color itself is a really pretty, metallic bronze , but its a complex color to describe since its not JUST bronze. It has this muddy, taupey grey quality to it so its more of a dirty, bronze. Its a color i can literally hoard up on- its just perfect as an all over lid color for some bronze shimmer or an outer corner color as well! Its kind of like what you would get if you mix Mac Bronze with Mac Satin Taupe.

As far as the color tattoo shadows are concerned, im a fan! I dont even like cream shadows usually, i feel like theyr just useless imposters of the powder variants, because they crease in less than a minute. But these Color tattoo ones are like your wrinkle free pants- stay fresh all day long without creasing and giving you solid amount of wear time. They are well pigmented, smooth to apply (they dry quickly though so move fast with your fingers)  and overall extremely cool to stash in your bag for a quick look in a hurry i say!!!  I like the finish and precision you get with powder shadows more for sure, but these are uite handy !

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Overall Verdict: A-
Product:4/5,Pigmentation:4/5, Texture:4/5, Longevity:4.5/5 , Value & Packaging:5/5

Price: I got 3 for 10 pounds in London. Still not Launched in India.

Recommendation: Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows are definitely something you should tell your relatives in foreign lands to get for you. These are really affordable, and for cream eyeshadows they are pretty great quality. On and On Bronze is one of the prettier ones out there but would love to try the others too.

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