Iv tasted quite a few Dim Sums in my life (some of the most interesting ones are available in Dim Sum Bros in Ambience Mall). There was a playboy bunny dim sum, a soup dim sum, a noodle dim sum but never have i tried a Plum Dim Sum till this OPI Dim Sum Plum came into my life. I actually was in the search for a bright, pink nail polish that wears long so when Dim Sum Plum first came, i was a bit dissapointed. This was more deep, magenta purplish pink. Infact in natural light, it kind of leans towards maroon. But once i wore this on my hands, this was such a ‘ Bridal’ color that i knew that this one was going to be on my hands throughout the wedding celebrations!

OPI Dim Sum Plum Swatch- Its a little more maroonish in indoor lighting . I like it better in this photograph than i like it on my hand honestly.

Dim Sum Plum is a deep magenta with a purplish tinge, that is sure to ring in the summer season! Its definitely a vibrant shade though it doesn’t fall into the hot pink or neon category, but i think that’s what makes it so special- Its different! In doors, this looks slightly darker, but in  natural light the vibrancy of the shade really comes through!!!

I love Dim Sum Plums high shine, super glossy finish. I clicked these snaps on Day 3 of wear, but on day 1 the finish is really really glossy, almost mirror like shine !!! I also love that it lasts a long time and wears a solid amount of time, thought i have to add this does show some tip wear as compared to OPI Sweetheart which shows minimal tip wear . One area where Dim Sum Plum scores over other OPI’s is pigmentation, this is pretty much Opaque in one swipe ! Love that!! With the lighter shades iv had to apply like 3 of four but this is one , smooth, gorgeous polish!

Its a relatively easy polish to dupe i think, its a color that Indians seem to love so i would be surprised if Lakme or Maybelline didnt have a similar polish to this one!

Verdict: A-

Price: Rs 520/- from urbantouch.com

Recommendation: OPI Dim Sum Plum is a deep magenta nail polish that is a pretty, vibrant color for summer !!! Its definitely a bridal color and this is what i am sporting  as i leave for hyderabad. (If you are reading this on 2nd July which is when this is scheduled to go up, then not only have i reached hyd, im already married and on my honeymoon!). This is sturdy and long lasting but shows  tip wear by day 3.

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