IS there an Anarkali overload happening here? Specially since my last outfit as well was a green and blue anarkali ?

I thought since im supposed to be the coy bride i shall stick to some Indian outfits of the day for a little bit (Nah not really, im quite a shameless bride- i parade around in front of boys parents in shorts and t shirts!!) . But apart from that, me and the boy had a little photoshoot in my house a month ago so we can get some nice snaps of both of us . Actually my daddy-in-law wanted these pictures and he refused to tell me why. Me thinks he plans to use them in some function!!!! (By the time you read this, the functions would be over and i would know why these were needed . Scheduled Posts you see)  But since the couple photos are kind of private , i thought what the heck- im all dressed up if i dont do an OOTD with this i am totally wasting my time here!!!! For the record, you are not allowed to say that you don’t like this outfit. Its just not allowed because this is one of my favourite anarkalis and i would be heartbroken! :p

Ps: Im totally aware that this is a completely over the top cheesy photograph. But my purple anarkali looks pretty in this photograph hence i couldnt NOT put it up.

Here is a close up of the work- purple velvet on the bust, with dull gold work on it. I also love that this anarkali is cut in a halter style, so it cuts away from my neck !!

My favourite part of this anarkali is unfortunately not visible in the photographs. The back, has a big cut out – so its pretty much backless- there is a strap behind the neck and a strap at the lower back , but the rest of the back is a cute out hexagon shape!

Where i bought this from: Marwari Studio, DLF Mega Mall/ Huaz Khaz Vllage

Price: Im not really sure i think it was about 13-14K . Yes i spend a lot on Indian wear , i knw!

PS: Im scheduling this post for 1st July. So if you are reading it then, it means i have now safely begun the swiss leg of the honeymoon. Enjoy the post while i go dome adventure sports in Interlaken!!

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