What happens when you  honeymoon in countries with the most undpredictable weather of all??? Well, all the tiny skirts and shorts you carried with you – go to waste because you never know what the weather might feel 5 minutes from now !! London and Paris were crazy- cold, cold, wind one minute and sveltering hot sun the next. As we were lying in Primrose Hill near Regents Street i just wanted to shout at the clouds i was gazing at and yell “Make Up Your Mind DAMMIT!!!!!” . But well, they dont listen to small indian people honeymooning under them- and so we just had to deal with climate changes every 10 minutes or so. Sigh.

But apart from that, London was SUPER FUN. We saw Phantom of the Opera, hung out in Leicester Square, lost a ton of money at the Casino, went clubbing , shopped on Oxford Street, ate at some of the most interesting little restaurants and all in all had a blast. The start to our second city- Paris was frankly- aweful. There was a gay pride parade in the city the day we landed, and while the parade was awesome stuff with good music and a great party vibe, no taxi guy was ready to navigate through the parade. So we basically had about 50 kgs of luggage with us and we had to walk close to two and a half hours to get to our hotel. Nightmare that- coupled with the fact that the Parisians refuse to understand what you are saying.! (“No English No English” they kept saying , but they kept humming along to David Guetta songs and i was like- thats English !!!!) But it got  better- there was the cruise at the Siene, the gorgeous gorgeous streets and architecture , the charming little cafes on the cobbled streets, , the eiffel tower, the louvre, disneylandddd and the most amazing dessert i ever tried- white chocolate and wasabi ice cream !  Paris was also a place where we had the most amazing kinds of street food- falafels, nutella and banana crepes, macaroons, chocolates, sorbets. Oh my god, it was insanely yummy!!! But most of all i just wanted to walk down those cobbled pathways, sit in a cosy little cafe and look at the parisians walking by with all their silk scarves and what not. Its hard not to be  in love with Paris, its just such a charming city!!! Switzerland is a story in itself because no matter what people say about it being cliched, it was beyond gorgeous. Interlaken was like walking through a post card. Unfortunately my camera battery died so i only got to click about 7 days of the Honeymoon!

Here are the serial number wise outfits which covers about halfwa through the Honeymoon!

  1.  Blue top and Mint Green Pants.
  2. Printed Red Dress also worn here
  3. Blue Tube with jeggings and orange belt
  4. Printed mini skirt with Black top
  5. Shorts, Tights and a jacket. The weather screwed this outfit
  6. Slinky black top, black shorts, black blazer
  7. Printed Dress with Lace Blazer
  8. Black Zip top with Mint green Pants and Sneakers
  9. Orange tube
  10. Orange tube with White Pants and a striped Cardigan (Love this cardigan- it can be worn in 11 diff ways)
Here are some other sites from the trip.

YUM. Steak- this was upposed to be an appetizer for one !!! Both of us couldnt get through half of this!

Ping Pong at London. Loved the food here. So different

The Eiffel Tower in all its lit up glory. Quite a sight that!

View from Interlaken of Jungfrao mountain. We actually went up there to all the snow, but my camera was low on battery that day!

Inside the Louvre. This was the most interesting part of the louvre for me. Called Napolean Apartments- it had the most royal, luxurious furnishings.

What did i buy? Not much- a couple of tops, a couple of dresses, a Micheal Kors bag which i got on 60 % off in London and was a freaking amazing deal! But i didnt spend too much time shopping really. I did buy myself an Urban Decay Pallette but honestly only because it was reduced from 40 pounds to 10 pounds..hehe! I a sucker for sales.

By the way, woould anyone like some gyaan on how to do a good Budget Honeymoon in Europe? We did a lot of stuff and it was pretty in budget as compared to the kind of money others spend!!!

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