What is “P & B Real Brides”?  Real Brides is a feature where we get to know one recent bride or bride to be and pick her brains about all things we love to talk about- outfits, lehengas, makeup artists, love stories.  Admit it, you are a sucker for weddings, and no matter whose getting married you WANT to be involved-!!!! Its also a platform for brides to ask the general audience advice on anything they need help on- from finding a good makeup artist in their area to finding the perfect boutique  for stitching.

Meet Aanchal.

The first P & B Real Bride, who is going to tie the knot in December (and i am SO hoping she will share those photos with us!!!!!). As of now, she wanted to share her Roka outfit and makeup.

Profession: Banker when forced to be, Dreamer when not!

Wedding Day: December 2012 !! so she is counting down to 6 months. She has just had an unofficial Engagement (Roka like we call it).

Her Love Story:  “An arranged marriage, but as far away from it as can possibly be. Yes, we did have the typical forced conversation over the coffee table, shared awkward glances, and had the constant thought running in our minds that ‘we are so not made for this.’ But thankfully, rather than forcing ourselves to make the ‘logical’ choice because there was nothing amiss (that’s what we were told is as good as it gets in an arranged marriage), both of us found our ‘spark’ which was indispensable for us. The fact that our parents were happy with our choice, and supportive of it, was the icing on the cake . I still don’t know if it was a gradual process, or happened over-night, but on my ‘DREAM ROKA’ day, I realized I had fallen in love with him – truly, madly, deeply!”



The Roka…

Roka Outfit – Fuschia pink net saree with crystal work (bought from Rakhi and Tarak). It was a gift from her mom in law so she obviously doesnt know the price. (Editors Note: Ah dont we love weddings, the amount of ‘gifted’ pretty clothes we are spoilt for choice with is not even funny!)

Footwear – Footsteps, TGIP, Noida

Make-up and hair – Looks, Sec – 18, Noida. Aanchal says ” Girls in Noida can totally trust the owner Deepika here. She insisted I don a chic, minimalistic, classy look, exactly something that I wanted too.”

Best compliment on roka night – You are looking (and acting) like a newly crowned Miss India!

Most fun moment – ” Looking at the pictures, there seem to be countless, as I am either laughing uncontrollably in half of them, or casting mischievous glances around in the rest! But the whole event flew past like a dream, seems like it got over all too soon and I don’t remember any specific instances, sigh!
Songs that got everyone grooving – Aivayeen aivayeen lut gaya, Saddi galli

Other Stuff

Have you started your Lehenga hunt ? – Have not embarked upon it yet, and am so dreading it! Should hopefully start it in about 2 weeks time, and considering the hit ratio at Frontier, it would be my first stop. If I don’t find it there, god help me!

Help Needed!!! This is the part where you comment and help Aanchal out

HELP. I need :

  1.  Affordable candid photographer for the wedding : Suggestions anyone? Do help her out!!!
  2. Salons for the D days (one near CP for the engagement, one near Punjabi Bagh for the wedding, preferably a common one somewhat centrally located)
  3. Suggestions for a girly attire for the sangeet/engagement (no suits, no gowns, no sarees, do I really have any other unique choice left, sigh!) (Editors Note: Aanchal, try a concept saree…i dont know if you have ever worn those but i really like some of them they dont look like sarees. Or do a pretty, soft, girly lehenga in like mint and turquoise or something like that!!!. Since yours is a december wedding you can also do a long jacket with skirt underneath. )

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