Vov Olive Green Pigment Review

Guest Post by Manu 

VOV is seriously one of the most underrated/ ignored  makeup brands available in India possibly because of its cheap, unattractive packaging.. However if you look past that, VOV offers some really affordable, decent quality makeup that delivers bang for your buck! I have tried a few products from this brand and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with them. Most of their basic stuff is within the Rs 100-250 price range and for that price they are really good.

We’re all familiar with Nyx lip creams, right? Well, VOV offers exact dupes of them for Rs 110 or so. Great deal or what? I’ve also tried one of their lip-paint-gloss duos. You know like the Superstay ones from Maybelline? They are just Rs120 or so and pretty decent quality. The best part is, they’re so cheap that even if you aren’t crazy about the lip color, you can always just use the clear gloss on its own. No, seriously, the Maybelline clear glosses cost Rs190/200. So, if you buy the VOV lip duos just for the clear gloss, it’ll still be cost-effective.

 Another example of decent VOV makeup that costs peanuts is their range of pigments. The one I have is a shimmery golden olive. It’s a beautiful colour with great pigmentation. I find it just a tad too shimmery to be used on its own on the eyes so I pair it with either a green or black base. A black base mutes the shimmer and brings out the green hues a lot more. This is my favourite way of wearing it. Sometimes, when I don’t want to wear eye shadow but just want a hint of colour on the eyes, I apply an olive green eyeliner and pat a tiny bit of this pigment on top of it. It looks amazing, lightens my dark brown eyes and makes them pop.

So, what’s the big deal, you can get similar golden olive pigments/eyeshadows from Inglot, Mac and even Coastal Scents, right? Oh, ok, how about this? You can get your hands on a not-so-tiny 7.5g jar of these pigments for just Rs50!!! (I totally sound like those TVC commercials J) Yep, you heard right. I got this at Rs50 though it’s Rs75 in some stores. It depends on where you buy it. They are cheapest at the wholesale beauty centres/shops.

  •  I haven’t experienced any fall-out but then I haven’t experienced fall-out with any pigments I’ve used till date. I am of the opinion that fall-outs are mostly because of the way they’re applied and not so much because of the quality of the eyeshadow/pigment per se. I may be wrong though..I am a makeup novice, after all.
  •  As for creasing/fading/wear time, I think using pigments (cheap/expensive) with a good primer is really important. So, if you use this with a good primer, you should be good to go.
  • The quantity of product in the jar is huge and will last a really, really, really long time.
  •  The jar is equipped with one of those sifter lids (not really sure what they’re called. You can see it in the pics) that ensures that the pigment doesn’t fly all over the place when you open it. The Faces stackable pigments don’t have this sifter lid and I have to turn off the fans each time I open the little jars to make sure the pigments don’t fly into my face..lol!!

Oh and if you want, you can mix a bit of the pigment with clear nail varnish and create your custom nail paints too!

Rating: A-

Price: Rs50/Rs75 (depending on where you get it from).

Final Recommendation: The VOV Pigment in Olive Green is a beautiful golden olive pigment with a ton of shimmer that is also super duper affordable.  These pigments are a great budget buy and last you forever so if you have access to these then do try them out. If you’ve never used pigments before then get one of these to see if pigments are your cup of tea or not.

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