Blue’s a fun color to play with ! Not just because my  favourite creatures- the 3 apple tall smurfs are blue, but also because a little pop of blue on your eyes ensures a fun evening !!!! Specially with these blue eyeliners which are not just the run of the mill navy, you are sure its going to be an interesting night !!!! The names below are clickable, so click away to read detailed reviews..

1.Faces Cosmetics Navy Blue Eye Pencil: Faces calls this a navy blue, but really its a stunning rich, royal indigo blue that in my opinion is definitely a must have blue budget eyeliner in your stash. You can wear this to work, but its not a boring navy blue, its definitely got spunk to it !!!

2. Inglot Matte Gel Eyeliner 87: This one is a beautiful blue-teal that is definitely going to make heads turn! Wear your favourite neon bikini and Think Pool party pretty! If you are a fan of Inglot’s gel liner range, thencno.87 is definitely worth a dekko for a blue eyeliner

3.Revlon Blue Twinkle Eyeliner: A gorgeous, shimmering turquoise- if you arent afraid of attention grabbing eyes then Revlon Colorstay  Blue Twinkle Eyeliner is definitely a stunning one to own. A slight bit runny and thin this one, but not really a problem once its on your eyelids.

4.Colorbar Flirty Turq is a true cerulean blue!  Reminds me of those turkish pottery pieces you get in this stunning color. Its not a shimmery color per se, but has a tiny bit of turquoise shimmer to it which give it a rich sheen.

5. Colorbar Amethyst Spark is a shimmering sapphire blue that those of you who love shimmer in their liners will love. Its actually quite close to Mac Siahi, which in itself is a beautiful shimmery blue liner, but this one is just a tad bluer than Siahi while siahi still has more darkness to it.

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