You know, when you move out of your parents bungalow into a cute little flat with your boy there are some things you dont account for. For example- while you could pretty much do acrobatics naked in your backyard (not really), in a flat  you only have your little balcony with neighbours wondering what the hell you are doing with blue eye makeup and a camera zoomed into your face !!!!  No neighbour aunty, im not crazy , if only you knew the difficult lives of us beauty bloggers. Sigh.

I thought, let me put those Mac Pigments to use so i used Mac Old Gold and Mac Naval Pigments from the Mac Hey Sailor Collection along with some Mac woodwinked and a basic black matte shadow to create this look. Not my favourite to be honest- cos it turned out quite messy and not as smokey as i would like it to be, but hey i might as well put scaring the neighbour aunty to some good use

Ever since the wedding, iv got this annoying allergy on my eyes, the minute i even touch mascara to them the turn red and itchy and iv tried a TON of mascaras. Any suggestions for nice , gentle ones because none of the ones i know are working!


  • Mac Old Gold Pigment in inner corner
  • Mac Naval Pigment in outer half
  • Clinique Quickliner for eyes
  • Tinted Moisturizer Ponds
  • Slight contouring  of cheeks with a matte brown eyeshadow (I dont know where my bronzer went!)
At first i tried to copy the promo image of mac hey sailor and wear a deep red lipgloss from the range – Mac Send Me Sailing. But with red lipgloss and blue eyes i just looked like ermm..lets not go there! So i stuck to a nude to be safe!


So how is your Saturday going girls? I need to start unfortunately with the Bank ! Yuck. Im a grown up now, i need a ‘locker’ to put my small stash of jewellery and no banks have any available lockers. Damnit Indian Women, how much gold do you buy????? Oh and by the way, the Chura came off on Rakhi and im so relieved !!!! And those of you asking for the ring- there it is in the picture !!! A 1 carat round solitaire set on top of a bow shaped setting with diamond baguettes ! I adore it, its not one of those humungous solitaires that can blind you,  but i like it – its cute !

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