Ansolar Daily Use Gel Cream Spf 30 (Sunscreen) Review

Guest Post by Sktribal (Sensitive Skin)

A few weeks back, I’d visited my dermatologist to get treated for some really bad facial pigmentation I’d suddenly developed. I was a little baffled by what she said. Apparently, I’d been wiping off the sweat too roughly with a handkerchief and since I had very sensitive skin, this led to pigmentation.…wt..? She showed me how the skin had darkened most in the parts that I’d wipe most often with a kerchief (like side of the forehead, sides of the mouth..). She was right and it seemed pretty clear when she explained it to me.

She prescribed some topical medications for me to use and told me to make a habit of dabbing my face instead of wiping or rubbing it. I also got my first chemical peel done which helped a lot with my acne and pigmentation and at the time, she prescribed Ansolar sunscreen and told me to use it regularly because peels can make skin very photosensitive. I’ve been using it religiously since then and it really is effective.

Now, normally it isn’t easy to say if a sunscreen is effective or not especially if you’re skin is already very pigmented/tanned. But since I’ve been getting peels done every two or three weeks and each peel makes skin more and more sensitive to the sun, I can say with certainty that this sunscreen really did help prevent the reversal of the effects of the peels. I also did not get burned or pigmented and it didn’t aggravate my acne even when my skin was at its most sensitive. It’s also waterproof so it doesn’t flow right off my face when I sweat and believe me I sweat a LOT. You can even swim with this on. I always apply a generous amount of this sunscreen to make sure it is effective and while it is a little heavy as compared to the lotus gel-based sunscreens, it doesn’t leave a white film the way some sunscreens do. It leaves a bit of an oily finish but I just use some translucent powder on top and I’m good to go. The only thing I don’t like about this is the price. It’s a whopping Rs650 for 60g! But for me, sunscreen, especially a waterproof one is a really, really important step in my skin care regime. Heck! I don’t even use a moisturizer or anything..just sunscreen. So, for me it’s a useful investment.

What Ansolar Sunscreen Claims
High UVB (SPF 30) and High UVA protection (PA+++)
Helps to prevent signs of sun damage such as sun spots, lines and wrinkles.
Antioxidant Action
Complex S3
Very water resistant

Directions for use: Apply Ansolar Daily Use generously, at least 30 minutes before sun exposure. It is recommended to repeat application every 2hrs after continuous sun exposure and every 80 minutes after swimming and excessive perspiration.

Rating: A+

Price: Rs 650

Final Recommendation: All I have to say is that this  Ansolar  Daily Use Gel sunscreen works really well for my sensitive skin and if you’re looking for a good,  dermatologist –recommended water proof and effective sunscreen, then do give this a try.

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