The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter

Guest Review by Rima (Dry, Frizzy Hair)

Firstly I would like to tell you that I have dry, frizzy hair with a slightly oily scalp. In my attempt to combat frizz and split ends I have tried loads of products that claim to keep hair frizz free and prevent split ends but they have done nothing at all. Instead my hair has had bad affairs with all sort of chemicals like parabens, silicones  and suphates and been left more dry, more frizzy. I finally decided that I should go for a haircut and then start treating my hair that has reacted to all the overdose of chemicals. Coming out of the salon I went straight to The Body Shop Store and bought myself Rainforest Moisture Shampoo, Conditioner and the Hair Butter.

And  from then on its been like 5 months or so my hair and me are in love with the products. The first time I used the Hair Butter I loved my hair after it .My dry, unruly hair became so soft.

What The Body Shop has to say about the Hair Butter:

  • With pracaxi oil, manketti nut oil and Community Trade honey.
  • Luxuriously rich and intensive conditioning treatment for soft, smooth, glossy and tangle-free hair.

Packaging:Comes in a big white tub of plastic.

My Experience with Body Shop Rainforest Moisture  Hair Butter
Since it’s a sort of deep conditioning treatment for my hair I use it once a week. After am done with shampooing I skip the conditioner and towel dry my hair. Then I apply the hair butter across the length of my hair, and wrap my hair with a towel that has been warmed in hot water. After 10-15 mins I rinse it off thoroughly.

What I love about the Hair Butter:

  • It leaves my hair soft, tangle free and frizz free.
  • Makes hair look healthier.
  • Gives a nice sheen.
  • It keeps my dry hair moisturized.
  • Very small amount is required. For my little-longer-than-shoulder-length hair 1-2 pea sized amount is just perfect. So this is will last for 10-12 months araamse.
  • Doesn’t way down the hair.
  • The Hair Butter is white with thick consistency and looks like a yummy yoghurt to me.
  • NO silicones, NO parabens and NO colourants.
  • Its an Eco conscious and Eco responsible product.

What I  dont like that much about Hair Butter:

  • Though everyone I have come across loves the smell of this product. I personally don’t like it that much.
  • This might be a bit expensive, but think that you are giving your hair a nice deep conditioning and the fact that it will last 10-12 months you will find it to be economical.
  • The tub packaging can make it a bit messy while applying.
  • If you use a bit much more of the product you may end up having greasy hair. But I guess you need to use lesser than what you think is appropriate for your hair length and that would do the trick. I was aware of it and so it never made my hair greasy.

Ratings: B+

Price: Rs 725 for 200 ml

Recommendation- The Body Shop Moisture Hair Butter is perfect for someone who has dry and frizzy hair. It makes the hair smoother, healthier and manageable. Be careful  ot too apply too much though or there will be a grease fest!

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