I thought the Bridal Files would be incomplete without a little post on what the sisters wore. Ofcourse there were too any sisters and occasions to put all of them in here so i put in the ones i have full length shots of!!! As always happens in Punjabi families, most of the sisters wore their own engagement /wedding lehengas and sets. The one on the extreme left is a Sabyasachi that my cousin wore for her own engagement, and the one second from right is an Anjali Arjun that she wore for her own reception. The rest are bought from boutiques/ stitched etc. ANother thing about sisters- they really are the ones who complete a wedding. While the boys are busy drinking or checking out other girls, the sisters will be the ones who will accompany you to the parlour (Word of advice: alwaYs ask one friend/sister to accompany you, its very helpful), they will fight for the joota -chupai money , and they will become the crisis solvers in all times. So while one cousin was the unofficial makeup artists to all the girls (my friends used to literally queu up outside her room to get their makeup done), another was the unofficial ‘money-asker’ , and another was the lead dancer that everyone went Ga-Ga over. No sisters in the wedding, No fun!!!!

A long time ago, when me and boy were still dating he read Ayn Rands ‘Atlas Shrugged ‘ and it influenced him so much that he said he would  ask his future wife to marry him by gifting her a clay ring. (In the book, the male protagonist gifts his lover a steel bracelet and she wears it as if it were the most precious metal on earth). Ofcourse, i did a little double take, errmmm i understand the notion and all, but i dont want a Clay ring !!!!!! Well, thankfully i think he sort of forgot all that , because he gave me two rings for the wedding. One was the ring went he went down on one knee and proposed on a hot air balloon- that was a cute little ring with butterfly carvings bought from ‘Swarovski’.  The other was the actual engagement ring…and since you insisted on seeing a better picture here are both of them!


The Swarovski Butterfly Ring

Engagement Ring

Apart from that, im just settling in to what is ‘married life’. I dont think its the marriage part that took time to get used to, its the living alone part. I am lazy with a big fat L and now with a house to manage on our  own and maid issues everyday, i have new found respect for what my mom did  !!!! The part i am really enjoying is setting up the house- we just have basics for now, but i love going and shopping for those cute little kick knacks that the boy doesnt understand. Oh one word of caution if you are moving in with a boy- they have screwed up notions of what should be kept where. My boy thinks the dining table is a storage space for things!!!! Umm. Hello, which school did he go to?

 Solitaires Why you so expensive?

No seriously, why?  By the way, if i can give you all a bit of advice on solitaires, try and buy them from a diamond wholesaler rather than a regular jeweller .  There is a BIG difference in price!!!!  Ofcourse no matter who you buy from always insist on a certification. A 1 carat solitaire will range anywhere from 1.5 Lakhs (Very okayish quality ) to 3 Lakhs+ (Very good quality) But if you go to jewellers and to shops like Áura’ and the like they wont sell you anything below the 3 lakh variant. Also round solitaires are the most expensive, so if you are on a budget then consider the princess cut/ ascher cut varieties as well!

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