Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Balm Review

Guest Post by Sonal 

One of the few expensive makeup items I bought myself is this Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Balm in ‘Whole Lotta Honey’ . There’s a story behind why I ended up buying such an expensive (for me, at least) item on a whim. I was leaving from Munich (where my then fiancé lived) to go back to the UK. We weren’t going to see each other for a couple of months, and I was very, very upset and crying. Now, I am a self-confessed lip balm addict. I have developed an immense love for tinted lip balms. I love how moisturising, sheer and easy to wear they can be! They are a great invention for girls like me, who shy away from wearing proper pigmented lipsticks on their lips.  So I roamed about in the duty free shop on Munich airport, and decided that buying this would make me happy. And it did! :P So you see, every time you want to buy something expensive for yourself, make up a sentimental reason, and it will be totally justified! ;)

 I think these Chubby Sticks were launched last summer, and I see that they are launched in India now. They have now added a lot more colour selection than what was available last year. Like all Clinique products, it is unscented. Thinking that I would definitely use a nude-ish colour on a regular basis, I selected ‘Whole Lotta Honey’, which is a muted nude-ish pinkish brown. I love the colour but there is nothing too unique about it . It is very moisturising, but still not the one I opt for when my lips are asking for some moisture. It is a perfectly satisfactory product, but not my favourite. I am, hence, on the fence about this one.

Swatch of CLinique Chubby Stick Lip Balm

I remember loving it when I bought it, and then I completely forgot about it until a few days back. I think it is the colour that makes it forgettable, which I suppose, I could take the blame for. I see they have now added some fiery colours like orange and purple, and I presume they would be a great stepping stone for the bright-lip-fearing people, as they aren’t too pigmented and easy to wear. The colour lasts decently well for a tinted lip balm. I also do love the packaging. I love that it is in a chubby pencil form which doesn’t need to be sharpened. No sharpening = no product wastage!

All in all, I think it is a good product, but there definitely could be cheaper, and dare I say better options in the market. With drugstore brands like Revlon bringing in their famous lip butters, I see the Clinique Chubby Sticks are in danger.

Verdict: B+

Price: Rs  1025

Recommendation: The Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Balms are moisturizing balms which give a pretty tint to the lips. While these are nice,  they are really too expensive for what is essentially a tinted lip balm, and are definitely not a ‘WOW’ product for me. Whole Lotta Honey is a pretty neutral pink brown thats nice for everyday wear.

(Editors Note: A little birdie told me these chubby sticks have been currently launched in India with 8 shades, but 8 more are expected by the end of this year!)

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