Now i don’t know who got  up one morning and decided that they were going to name Colorbar’s new launch “Take me as i am lipcolors”. I mean, that is quite a mouthful isnt it? Besides that though if i were the Colorbar Official Makeup Namer Person thats the last thing i would call them. I mean, just look at these cute little podgy sticks of color-all they want to do is laze around , rest their  plump,  colored behinds on your dresser  and look pretty on your lips. I swear Colorbar Chub-lets  or Colorbar Plump-cils  or i dunno Colorbar Pokey Dokey ..would be SO much better no ??? (What about Colorbar Pudgy Pucker? Okay i need to stop with the pudgy cute names!)

Flirtatious Pink: The color

Well names aside this Colorbar Take me as i am Lipcolor in Flirtatious Pink is my new favourite lip product this season. I like to think of it as the Pencil version of Colorbar Velvet Matte Over the top because its kind of similar in color. Flirtatious Pink is a pretty, pretty coral pink that just instantly adds brightness to the face. You can sheer it out if you wish but i like it worn full power for a pretty, coral pink lip !!! While Over the top was more of a reddish coral, this is more of a pinkish coral but is likely to suit just about anyone!!!! Lighter skin girls who dont wear too much coral because of the orange-ness in it need not be afraid because this is a lovely one . I also like the finish of these lipcolors- they arent harsh mattes but they arent glossy either- they yield that perfect amount of sheen thats sophisticated and polished

Colorbar Take Me as i am lip Color: Thoughts on the Texture

I love these little sticks !!! They are very pigmented and also quite creamy and soft. For those of you who found the Velvet Mattes too drying to wear, these will come as a welcome relief. While i cant really call them hydrating, they definitely do not dry out the lips and are very comfortable to wear even on dry lip days !! They also are great for those with pigmented lips because a quick swipe yields full, even color coverage ! They dont last as long as the Velvet Mattes do which i suspect is because these are much more creamy but they will last you a good 4 hours which is pretty great. They arent exactly cheap at Rs 699 , but one is worth a buy i feel. I wish they introduced more colors in these as i didnt find enough that excited me!!!

PS: They come with a sharpener. Dont forget that- my SA forgot to give me one !! Grr.

Verdict: A

Product :4.5/5, Pigmentation:4/5, Texture:4.5/5, Longevity:3.5/5, Value & Packaging:4/5

Price: Rs 699/-

Recommendation: These cute little lip pencils are great options if you want a pigmented lipstick thats easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and non drying. Giving a finish thats somewhere in between matte and gloss these are really great launches from colorbar. Sure, definitely on the expensive side but if the Velvet Mattes are too dry for you, these fare better in that department ! Plus they look so chubby and cute! WHats not to love?

PS: Colorbar Lip Rollups? Colorbar Puff Sticks? Colorbar Plump Lumps?

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