Faces Satin Matte Lipstick Review

I have a strange disease. Its called “Get cheap hindi songs stuck in your head and sing them aloud with wrong wordings”  syndrome. I honestly think im singing all these cheap songs with  the correct wordings, but they are never right !! NEVER ! Eg: Take the latest song from Rowdy Rathore  “Darling tu pehle se kitna badal gaya, strawberry ye jam tera mujhpe chad gaya” . I was only recently told the actual wordings are “Strangely ye jadoo tera mujhpe chad gaya” .Ermm…yeah i guess that makes more sense than  being covered in Strawberry jam . Lol ! My explanation : My latest Jazzberry Jam Faces Satin Matte Lipstick is making me see Jams everywhere !!!!!!

Jazzberry Jam – The color

Jazzbery Jam is a color that looks a bit  different when swatched on the arm versus the lips. Its one of those shades which looks much darker  in the tube itself, but magically changes color as soon as you kiss it . What you think is a deep plummy pink-brown on the arm actually gets turned into a  much lighter neutral rose  pink on the lips, which is why for darker girls i recommend you test this on your lips and check if it washes you out  .  But otherwise, it’s a great everyday pink to have, soft and pretty- specially great for work! By the way, Jazzbery jam was a color of a Crayola Crayon- that was actually bright magenta pink- this is nowhere close to that but reminded me of my coloring days !


Faces Satin Matte Lipstick

I was super impressed with the texture of this lipstick. It was incredibly rich and creamy and really glided on my lips like melted butter. Very similar to Mac’s  Amplified cream finished. The lipsticks are also very well pigmented, so those with pigmented lips should enjoy them! They are moisturizing, have a nice semi matte, semi sheen finish and last about 4 hours with a meal in between before they  begin to fade away. The packaging is not very sturdy though, and my lipstick kind of melted and broke just after i bought it, which reminded me of my Nyx lipsticks which have similar problems because of the flimsy packaging and the ultra creamy nature. For the price these retail at though, theyre quite value for money . Definitely recommend at least one for your stash! In fact if the Colorbar Velvet Mattes are too drying for you , and you need something more soft and creamy then definitely check these out ! They dotn last as long as the Velvet mattes but more than make up for it in the texture department.

Faces Satin Matte Lipstick Swatch

Verdict: A-

Product:4/5, Pigmentation:4.5/5, Texture:5/5, Longevity:3.5/5, Packaging & Value:3.5/5

Price: Rs 299/-

Recommendation: The faces satin matte lipsticks are incredibly pigmented , creamy and moisturizing with a nice semi-matte sheeny finish! Definitely one of the nicest budget lipsticks around , last an average amount of time and i highly recommend you pick one of these up. Jazzberry Jam is a  neutral rose pink that should suit a lot of indian skin tones, im just bummed that mine was so melty and broke the day after i bought it !

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