You know you have listened to WAYYY too many rap songs, when by mistake you write the post title as “Lakme Absolute  Lip gloss in Candy Shop“.  (I take ya to the Candy Shop, ill let ya lick the lollipop). Okay EWW 50 Cent, get your dirty little candy shop out of my head. It happens when living with a boy you know- all your bollywood tunes are replaced by house music or hip hop songs and honestly its kind of annoying. A girl needs her girl-ness okay !!!! So re-visiting som of that girl-ness with Lakme Absolute Plump and Shine in Candy Shine!!! Shine, not Shop!

Candy Shine: The Color

So the thing about this lipgloss is- its Pink!!! Im really not in a descriptive mood today (Im positive that living with a boy also drains you out of your enhanced vocabulary and describing skills and replaces it with grunts and snorts ) . So yes , its pink girls- its your basic , pretty, fuschia – bright pink lipgloss with shimmah! Sometimes when you need to revisit your girl-ness you need some shimmah on your lips ! This one has pretty silver shimmer specks that both you shimmer lovers and haters will enjoy because its non obtrusive but still pretty. What i didnt love was that i didnt really get the color on the tube- you dont get fuschia pink lips, instead you get a light wash of pink which is a bit of a dhokha according to me. But because the color is a subtle wash , it can pretty much go with any skin tone.

Lakme Absolute Lip Glosses: General Thoughts

I  like these Lakme Absolute glosses !!! They are not the most pigmented so i keep them for layering mostly . They are not  thick and gloopy, last about 4-5 hours on my lips without eating, and leave behind a soft shine even when the color wears off. They are incredibly moisturizing and lightweight on the lips, and are sort of the ‘ in- between’ area of stickiness and non stickiness. Somewhat sticky to make them  last long, but not so sticky that your boyfriend will get stuck to it !(Unless you actually want that!! ha!)  . The shimmer in these actually add to the prettyiness quotient, give that fuller look to the lips but doesnt really plump up your lips.I mean, i dont expect to turn into Angie Jolie in 2 minutes, but i wouldn’t mind a little pouty pout.

Verdict: B+

Product:3.5/5,Pigmentation:3.5/5, Texture:4.5/5, Longevity:4/5, Packaging:4/5

Price: Rs 375/-

Recommendation: Candy Shine from the Lakme Absolute Lip Gloss Range is a pretty fuschia pink in the tube that gets translated into a very wearable rose pink on the lips. I like the formula on these lip glosses a lot- i think they are very worth it and bang for your buck material. Not the most pigmented glosses, but not completely sheer either. Definitely worth buying atleast one!!! To see more shades swatches go here- Lakme Absolute Lip Gloss Swatches

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