Mac Lip Prep and Prime Review

Guest Post by Dhara

Face primers have gained a place for themselves in each beauty addict’s vanity case. What with the multiple choices available in the market. After going through tubes of face primers and eye lid primer ( eye shadow base) and not to forget the one of its kind, MAC’s under eye primer, we now have a primer for lips ! Presenting to you MAC Prep+Prime Lip. In the words of MAC Senior Artists Fatima and Fabiana ” MAC Lip Prep+Prime works as velcro for your lipstick.” (On Twitter)

This statement makes it pretty much clear what MAC Lip Prep+Prime is.

MAC describes:
A colour-free base to wear under lipstick. Adds light moisture, smooths and refines the lips. Improves the appearance of applied lip products.

My stint with this stick started after I bought the 1st MAC lipstick of my life, which is also my 1st and favorite nude ‘Spirit’. All my 1st-MAC-Lipstick-Excitement got washed away when ‘Spirit’ started showing even the minutest of fine lines and dry/chapped skin on my lips !! To my horror even scrubbed lips didn’t go well with Spirit. It was then that the MUA  gave me Prep+Prime Lip.

But what is Prep+Prime Lip exactly ? Coming in a slim twist up stick, MAC Prep+Prime Lip is almost like a lip balm. It moisturizes as well as creates a base for the lipstick and gives it an even surface to glide on. And glide the lipstick does. Its moisturizing properties are not as good as something like Vaseline lip balm and hence can’t be worn alone but I have been using this under my lipstick even in 5 degrees temperature and my lips didn’t look chapped. It minimizes the look of fine lines and smoothens any dead skin flakes which might be visible on the lips. I am able to wear light colored lipsticks only because of this lip primer since lights and nudes tend to accentuate rough, chapped lips.

It is also said to prevent feathering or bleeding of the lipstick but I don’t remember having that problem with any of the lipsticks I own so I honestly can’t comment regarding this particular benefit. But I have come to love it so much that using Lip Prep+Prime has now become a habit and the 2 sticks in the pics are a proof ;) The 1st stick lasted me almost 2 yrs but I used it only about twice a week on average.

Before MAC Lip Prep and Prime

After MAC Lip Prep and Prime

Rating: A+

Price: Rs 1000 for 1.7 gms

Recommendation: The Mac Lip Prep and Prime is an all in one lip solution- a chapstick that heavily moisturizes , is lightweight ,  elongates the wear of lipsticks, helps them not to settle into fine lines and creates a smooth surface for any lip product to be glided on! Absolutely recommend!

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