Mac Supernova Blush: Review and Swatches

Sometimes makeup can teach you all important, serious  life lessons ! Like Mac Supernova blush taught me “Nothing is as scary as it looks “. I mean, comeon, behind that scary mask Bane wasnt half as bad was he?  And in Disneyland Paris, the rollercoaster that had me in sweats just looking at it wasn’t half as bad as i thought it would be. Similarly Mac Super Nova Blush might come in your makeup nightmares transforming you into a hot pink clown  , but fear not mere mortals. Infact, its quite the stunner of a blush, once you know just how much is the right amount for you!!!

Mac Supernova Blush- The Color

Supernova is described as a ” Magenta with burnished gold melange”. But since i have no clue what the hell burnished gold melange is supposed to be, im just going to call it a bright, fuschia pink with peachy gold swirls. I swear if this were an icecream, my tongue would be diving right in (Raspberry and Caramel Praline anyone?). Its not a warm pink per se, but i can see the blush working super fabulously on both warm and cool skin tones. Once its on your skin, the bright scary fuschia-ness is just replaced by a pretty, poppy , lively pink-ness and this is why Supernova has taken its place as my favourite summer blush of 2012 for the first time in history replacing Mac Peaches!

The Formula

What i love about the formula its silky smooth, and it has the tiniest, i mean the most miniscule amount of shimmer which is pretty much invisible but still just adds a nice sheen. Also, it lasts VERY long, i mean honey- this is all day all night  stuff! Add to that the fact that its super pigmented which means it will show up on everybody!!

What i dont love: Its not the most blendable formula- i mean yeah it will blend out, but its not a ‘melting into your skin immediately’kind of blush. A leeetle bit of brush-work is required but hey, i am not really complaining

Word of Caution: Use a light hand. The lightest, featherest of all hands otherwise clown county is not far away!


Mac Supernova Blush Swatch

*Wearing Super nova on cheeks (applied with heavy hand because had to show it on camera) and Deborah Lipstick #19


 Verdict: A

Product:4/5, Pigmentation5/5, Texture: 3.5/5, Longevity:5/5, Packaging: 4/5

Price: Rs 1350/- (I think)

Recommendation: Mac Supernova is  super bright pink in the pan, but applies a lovely, upbeat poppy pink on the cheeks. This blush wore for a really long time, is super pigmented (so apply with a light hand) and gives gorgeously flushed cheeks, although slight bit of work is required to blend.. This is a pink that will look on a lot of skintones, dont be scared of it in the pan it really is extremely flattering on very dark skintones on whome a lot of blushes dont show as well as paler ones, on whome you need to apply this with feathery touches.  It is part of the heavenly creatures collection so get your hands on it if your Mac store has launched it!!

*press sample.

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