It all started when i saw a whole hoard of photographers clamouring at the bottom of the staircase of Taj Palace.  Amongst those big burly photographers with their huge ass camera was little old me , trying to figure out what the buzz was about. Well, it was Karan Johar and SUzanne Roshan along with some unnamed little kid who were making their way to Manish Malhotra’s show at Delhi Couture Week 2012. After a tremendous deal of air kissing – Suzanne Air kissing Shweta Nanda , Karan Johar air kissing ‘Shabana Azmi” and Me air kissing my cousin (we just wanted to join in on the fun, we finally made way to Manish Malhotra’s bridal collection show which incidentally was already an hour and a half late.

There were clearly TOO many people wanting to see the show- the area was completely packed, with people squeezing into every nook and corner they could find. It felt like a giant  subway sandwich except the choice of dressing was ‘fashionable’ :p I couldnt resist the pun!!!. I was happy i atleast had a seat and not a bad one at that.

The show started with a short film (im going to go ahead and say it- i didnt see the point of the film). It just seemed kind of cheesy with a half naked man who then comes wearing a Manish MAlhotra creation lusting after a woman in a Manish Malhotra Lehenga. Yup, didnt get it. But what followed after that were some gorgeous pieces- brides to be take notes please !Here are the photos i could manage from the show. For those of you who want to see the official photographs go here: Manish Malhotra Delhi Couture Week 2012

The color pallette was vibrant corals, hot pinks and reds- all very bridal colors which were mixed in with a generous dose of white. The silhouettes were similar to what we have come to expect of Manish now- more long flared anarkalis, fitted drop down waists with long skirts,  lehengas with jackets on top , and also some lovely flowy long kurtas with pallazo’s underneath. My personal favourite was a neon-coral long flowing kurta with beige pallazos underneath. Gorgeousness !

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