Nyx Long Lip Pencil Prune 

Guest Post by CSP Ballal (Light SKin tone, Normal to Dry SKin)

Product Description:

Long Pencil gives the luscious color of a lipstick and the precision of a lip liner in one convenient pencil:

Formulated with the highest ingredients.

Smooth and creamy.

Long lasting colors.

Does not bleed.

My take on NYX Long Pencil for Lips:

Long Pencil, yes, NYX Long Pencil just looks like those pencils which we used in our lower primary school days to doodle around, just these ones come in prettier colors, is a slimmer sleeker black version with a colored bottom indicating the shade inside.

This pencil works very well as a lip liner staying for more than 4 hours even after a full lunch. It helps a lot when you are using a lipstick that bleeds. The lip pencil forms a border preventing the lipstick from running all around the lips. This lip pencil is soft creamy and smooth. Glides like a dream on the border of the lips giving out great pigmentation with just one go. There is absolutely no tugging and breaking. There is no discharge of clumps of product when applying. This is what I look for in an ideal pencil.

Now, Prune is one color which is a rich plummy  purple – it  might look a bit high maintainence and difficult to pull off , but surprisingly  it does not look odd on my lips, and just looks like a natural plum lip color. The harsh purpleness does not come throuh. The color looks and feels creamy, yet it is matte. There is a weird type of unexplainable creaminess in this shade. I have always avoided purple, but this lip pencil is making me reach for it always.

I tried this lip pencil on my eyes too, upper lash line. Simply excellent. Just one swipe gave a very nice pigmented purple color on the eyes. I plan to use this as eyeliner more infact because the purple looks very pretty . I wish these were retractable pencils rather than sharpenable ones- so much more convenient!

Rating: A

Price and quantity: Rs.250 (available at Rs.150 at medplusbeauty.com) for 0.08 OZ/2 g.

Recommendations: The Nyx long pencil for lips are definitely some of the best budget lip liners around and you need atleast one in your stash. If you are into plum kind of lip colors, then prunes the right choice for you!

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