Let me introduce you to the cheapest jewel in my trousseau : The Nyx Tinted Lip Spa in Jewel !!! Now, im not a spa fan – i have to admit im a bit too restless to lie flat on my back and have someone poke me with wooden spoons, so when spa’s for your lips come in instant black tubes, i am all for it !!

Lip conditioner with just a hint of color! 
Tinted lip spa is full of moisturizing and nourishing benefits to give your lips the ultimate spa treatment they deserve!

Nyx Jewel Tinted Lip Spa- The Color

Jewel is a bit of a strange name to call this little lip conditioner because the color doesnt remind me of any jewel whatsoever. It’s a bright, sort of a orange sorbet color  in the tube and goes on the lips a sheer peachy orange ! It’s actually quite a pretty color , and even though it’s just a tint you can definitely see a hint of peachyness on your lips. I definitely recommend getting the deeper colors like Jewel if you are planning to buy one of these, because the lighter ones can be extremely sheer.

Nyx Tinted Lip Spa: Texture

The lip spa is actually quite moisturizing on the lips and it doesn’t feel heavy or create a thick gloopy layer on top.  Dont expect this to solve extreme dry and chapped lips, but for regular use this is a nice tinted lip balm that sits and look pretty on your puckers. The Lip spa overall is pretty comfortable to wear, its lightweight and smooth on the lips and a relief from all those lipsticks. What it sorely lacks is staying power. I mean, this thing rubs off extremely quickly on my lips – at max an hour and a half ???

The first thing that came into my mind when i applied  this was the distinct peppermint aroma to it.For a lot of people, this isn’t such a pleasant aroma i remember my sister scrunching her nose to it but honestly i don’t mind it all. Be careful not to lick your lips by mistake though, as soon as it so much as hits your tongue there is this aweful plasticky sensation but then im assuming you are not going to mistake this for a popsicle and put your tongue to it.

Verdict: B+

Price: Rs 380/-

Recommendation: The Nyx tinted lip spa, is a nice moisturizing lip balm with more than just a hint of color (Atleast this shade is ) . Its comfortable to wear on the lips, and while its not a saviour for extreme cracked and dry lips, its definitely a good option for a lip balm. I love the little twisty roll up tube as well as the pretty peachy tint. It definitely needs some improvement in the lasting department though!!! If yr thinking og picking up one of these, Jewel is quite  a pretty option .

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