The Original Source Lavender oil and Tea  Tree shower gel  Review

Guest Post by Kritika (Combination Oily Skin, Medium Skin tone)

The Original Source Lavender Oil & Tea Tree Shower Gel is packed with the goodness of 157 relaxing Lavender flowers. Original Source says, ‘We’ve collected 157 Lavender flowers for this calming shower gel and mixed them with Tea Tree before pouring into our fully recyclable bottle. Relax in this and unwind.’

Directions, Original Source + Water = 1 Tranquil Moment.

Haha. Love that. +1 for Original Source !!

That little missing text in the front you see, that is supposed to be, ‘Lavender and Tea Tree packed with natural fragrance’. I ordered it online and the flip tab of the bottle was taped to the bottle and when I took the tape off, the silly tape decided to take a few letters off too. Sigh. But otherwise, the packaging is nice and sturdy.

A little about Lavender and Tea Tree oil from their website,

—     Lavender – It looks lovely, it smells lovely. But there’s a lot more to Lavender than freshening up the occasional linen closet. Because of their antiseptic properties, Lavender products have been used to heal skin for centuries, while lavender essential oil is a staple in aromatherapy and can aid sleep and relaxation, and cure headaches. Sometimes it can even be used to help skin burns and inflammatory conditions, and repel insects and cure bites. So if you think Lavender oil is just for Grandma, think again and put some ancient wisdom to work on your aching muscles.

—     Tea Tree – Tea tree oil certainly sounds magical, and the effects of it aren’t far off. When applied topically, tea tree oil products can provide anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral results, as well as having useful cosmetic properties too.Tea tree benefits are powerful and amazingly varied. From purifier, to sedative, to insect repellent, it can do good things for your skin, muscles, bones, heart, immune system, brain and over all alertness and mood.


Some of you might be expecting me to say, “This shower gel will relax your muscles and sooth them and make you float into a land of floating lavender flowers while you roll onto lush green grass and see unicorns throwing up rainbows and muffins will be falling outta the sky” lets rewind a bit, none of that will happen and I’m not gonna be saying any of that.. I feel betrayed by Original Source, like stabbed in the heart a few thousand times. I should stop being a drama queen and tell you why.

I’ve heard so much about the amazing fragrance of the Lavender flowers in this one and how it fills your bathroom with the aroma of Lavender and how you will end up smelling of lavenders for the next century and a half (there I go exaggerating again.must.stop) So, I was totally psyched to try it out and ran into the shower the moment I received this. But it smelled nothing of Lavenders. So I approached dear Google uncle and found out that, Orginal Source has been modifying their products. Instead of real essential oils for the fragrance they now use, ’parfum’. You can see it in the ingredients list. It also fails to contain any real Lavenders, the older versions had a mention of ‘Lavandula Angustifolia’ and now no sight of Lavenders on the ingredients list. It went from 27 handfuls of lavender flowers to now 157 Lavender flowers. Simple Math tells me that is an addition of 130 more Lavender flowers, so shouldn’t this be smelling more..umm.. Lavenderishh (if that’s even a word). But no ! This doesn’t. I think it’s just a gimmick, they are probably trying to cut cost and all. Tomorrow they’ll come out and say it contains 157,000 Lavender flowers and this will still not smell of Lavenders.

It does clean you well, but that don’t impress me much ! Original Source, Y U NO PUT REAL LAVENDERS! Or even if you are gonna use ‘parfum’ make sure it smells of Lavenders and not some weird medicine because right now the shower gel smells like one of those medicated ones ! I’m gonna finish up my bottle believing that the Tea Tree will do me some good. Sigh.


Overall Verdict: C

Price:Rs.195 for 250ml of Qty

Will I repurchase: Not this for sure! But those of you who want to try, you MUST try this Original Source Vanilla Milk one. 

Recommendation: I wouldn’t be recommending this one at all. Though I feel a little betrayed by Original Source, I wouldn’t be completely giving up on the brand because I love their Vanilla Milk and Strawberry Shower Gel and not afraid to try a few others also.

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