What is “P & B Real Brides”?  Real Brides is a feature where we get to know one recent bride or bride to be and pick her brains about all things we love to talk about- outfits, lehengas, makeup artists, love stories.  Admit it, you are a sucker for weddings, and no matter whose getting married you WANT to be involved-!!!! Its also a platform for brides to ask the general audience advice on anything they need help on- from finding a good makeup artist in their area to finding the perfect boutique  for stitching.

Meet Kariba

She belongs to  Ludhiana, Punjab .She had a day wedding in Ludhiana itself and from the photos it seems like a whole lot of fun! Kariba is a simple bride- opting for traditional Indian work rather than the full on swarovski bling-bling ! Read her story below.

 Tell us about your Love Story..

It was very much a crazy love marriage and the cupid was one of my best friends Namita, who was also an extremely close friend of Aditya (My hubby). For the longest time, she used to try and speak about him and promote him to me even though he was working in another city for a while, but is from Delhi.

And then came my 25th b’day bash which was thrown at my best friend’s place, and he was visiting from Pune, so but obvious he was also invited. Irony of the situation, “we didn’t even speak to each other the entire night”. This is inspite of him coming very sweetly with a cake for someone who he didn’t even knw…..

And so time passed by, infact almost a year and yet again my friend Namita wanted to act cupid and we all went for dinner somewhere. Post that things happened and Aditya decided to shift back to delhi and while searching for the perfect job, he didn’t take up a job in Mumbai with Red Bull, coz he thought if he did, he wouldn’t have any chance or a future with me.

Finally, he moved back to Delhi and things got off to a good start and we hit it off extremely well and had great fun being with each other, which is what attracted me to him the most, since he has a spectacular sense of humour. I am from a Sikh family and he is from a Punjabi family, so there weren’t any such differences of culture at all. Infact his parents were just too good and extremely ‘bindaas’ and let everything happen the way the girl side wanted it.

What was your most fun function?

The most fun function was my Mehendi as i was on a happy high and dancing the most as if it were my best friends wedding and not mine. But of course my father kept telling me that i should be more lady like, and that it is not someone else’s wedding but because i had all the people closest to my heart around, and no formality with the boys side not being around, it was absolutely terrific.


Tell us about your Bridal Outfits Please…

Since I was a little girl, I had only 2 wishes which i wanted my father to fulfil related to my wedding. One was that i wanted my pheras to happen in our garden at home, and 2nd was that my wedding lehenga was going to be from Jaipur.

My lehenga was from this Store called “Rana Legacy” in Jaipur, not the Ranas in Johari Bazaar. Since you’ve already read my little write-up about me being such a tomboy all my life, i must tell you that i am not a typical girl who likes to shop or spend hours in shops…naaahhh….!!!

Without exaggeration i picked out my lehenga in exactly 20 minutes. I already knew the colour combination I wanted, the traditional Jaipur work (gotapatti), so when i saw it…bang! i just put my hand on it, froze it and went on with eating my yummy Jaipur ki kachoris and Lassi ordered for us at the store!!!!!


Again my Lehenga for the typical wedding lehenga standards was pretty reasonable but sooo absolutely stunning for its price. It was between 50 – 60k

The Mehendi Outfit: Yellow and Pink with Fulkari Accents

The Wedding Outfit: Simple Gotta Patti Work Lehenga

 Makeup Artist..

Again, you might laugh when you read this….but i didn’t hire any make-up artist..I anyway am a no make-up person, so for my Mehendi, Sangeet, Shagan i had no make-up artist. My lovely girl friends did my make-up throughout… Only for the Big Day (wedding day) i had my make-up done from Lakme, in Ludhiana. Harjinder or Latto did a spectacular job (Btw, if you are from ludhiana i HIGHLY recommend her. I was trying to get her to hyderabad fr my own wedding- Editor)It was a morning 11:30 Anandkaraj, since i am a Sikh and so the make-up was extremely subtle, yet accentuating my eyes and making me look like a non-caked up, natural bride.


Those Photos have captured so much of your enthusiasm? Which photographer did you hire?

Photographer was Sahil Vohra  from Delhi- a candid photographer who captured all special moments of the wedding and ensured that the  immense fun we all had was reflected in the pictures !!! (Editors Note: Another photographer for all you brides to ponder over girls- those of you who find the big names unaffordable)

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