The king of kitsch Manish Arora presented his collection at Delhi Couture Week 2012 on Day 3. Below are the photos from the collection. Enjoy!

Press Note: Manish is extremely happy to have been invited by FDCI to showcase a retrospective of his collections shown at Paris Fashion Week over the past five years

Most of his pieces shown during the Delhi Couture week 2012 have ever been shown in India before and each of these pieces are different and unique involving detailed craftsmanship, fine embroidery and meticulous embellishments.The collections have been inspired by India and its great culture which has been the biggest source of inspiration to Manish over the years and all the pieces have been made by experienced artisans who have been part of the Manish Arora studio for many years.

In addition to the Indian culture, all the collections shown have a special theme in the order of its seasons,

Spring Summer 2008                India POP

Autumn Winter 2008-09             Warriors

Spring Summer 2009                Circus

Autumn Winter 2009-10             Hybrid Animals and Wild Life

Spring Summer 2010                Space/Disco

Autumn Winter 2010-11             Art Deco

Spring Summer 2011                Baroque

Autumn Winter 2011-12             Magic

Spring Summer 2012                Joy of Living in 1960’s

Autumn Winter 2012-13             Graffiti Art

Each of the above inspirations has the signature colorful sensibility of Manish that has made him one of the most famous contemporary designers in the world. He has been able to create a style of working, which is his own and in doing so has been able to make India n design known to the fashion world globally.Some of the pieces shown have been worn by leading ladies of today’s popular culture like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj to name a few.


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