Shantanu & Nikhil was the first show i attended at PCJ Delhi Couture Week 2012 and it was quite an experience. More about my experience in a separate post, but for now here are the show pictures . There was a dark, haunting quality to the show right from the distressed decor, to the makeup to the sombre music and the color pallette used. There was also a clear victorian era influence- almost like the dark side of a Victorian bride

You see a leaf fall, and you think you know which way the wind blows. Well, there is a wind coming, Madame that will sweep away your pride… I too can command the wind, sir. I have a hurricane in me…

–        Elizabeth “the golden age”

Press Note: Shantanu and Nikhil present the new bride this season of fall 12/ 13 , a women who has deeply inspired not only us but the world in total with her great power to withstand the extreme surroundings that constantly put her down… her avatar as a new age bride is complete as a women who believes that s he has the courage to rule and nurture time itself… the collection has colour palates of vintage and dark tones of burnt blues with a strong element of gold and finally a dose of black and red… all these colours are clear indicators of her personality that has been tarnished and scraped by the current socio economic conditions of the world we live in… the textures , the surfaces the silhouettes are somewhat harsh like depictive of how we as a community are treating the one we worship… it is this part we want to restore and resurrect.

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