This months lust list is inspired by Delhi Couture Week 2012. While one is directly off the Manish Malhotra Ramp, another is designed by a young jewellery designer i met at DCW 2012 (in the womens bathroom where else!).

  • Long Coral Kurta with Pallazos by Manish Malhotra: I love these Pakistani suit-pallazo silhouettes, and the fact that Manish Malhotra did it in this scrumptuous color with a gorgeous sheer back was just genius. It had beige pallazos underneath and needless to say im going to shamelessly copy this thing and get something similar made for myself
  • Mirror with Console: I want one area of my apartment to look like this. Except the boy doesnt understand the concept of mirrors- ‘We are not movie stars, why do we need mirrors everywhere’ he quips. Tsk Tsk. Men , and their poor decorating skills.
  • Statement Necklace by Nitya Arora: Nitya is a young jewellery designer who i bumped into in the womens bathroom at DCW 2012. Actually i bumped into her friend who was wearing the most fabulous necklace and i couldnt stop gushing about it. She introduced Nitya , whose label Valliyan by Nitya  retails at
  • Lancome Midnight Rose Collection Blush: 3 Blushes in one and 3 colors that i love ! Need.
  • Butter London Trout Pout: As you can see, there is coral love happening here. Im loving how this one is a sort of milky coral as opposed to a bright, orange coral. Very unique !!

PS: This house setting up thing. When does it really end? I mean, i feel like iv been decorating my house since like the last 3 months but all i have accomplished is a sofa, a dining table,a cabinet, a dresser, a bed and two stools. The walls are bare, i need like a dozen side tables and vases and little quirky pieces of furniture but i finish one purchase and there are 20 other purchases lined up. Ugh. HATE IT ! But also secretly love it.

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