Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lipgloss Review

Guest post by Sonal 

The Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip glosses(I bought a set of 2) were one of my first high-end-ish makeup purchases. (Editors Note: Im sorry but how can you not think about ‘Poockket me rocket hai, Poocket meinn??’. That song just repeats itself in my mind as i see these) I remember buying them because they were on discount, and although the colour did not make me jump with excitement, I thought they were basic colours to!!!! have. It would also give me a chance to try out Urban Decay as a brand. The set included ‘Kirk’- a nude colour, and ‘Doug’– s shimmery pink colour. I had ordered it online, and regretted it immediately on their arrival. They seemed sticky, and the colours were extremely sheer and almost looked like clear gloss.

And then I gave them another chance, and realised what good quality products feel like. Yes, they still are a tad bit  sticky, but that is the reason the last so long. Also, I attribute their extremely moisturising quality to their stickiness. I love to apply these when my lips are super-parched. When I remove them after a few hours, my lips feel much, much better than what they were before. This, I did not expect from a sticky lip gloss.

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lipgloss Swatch: Left -Doug, Right-Kirk

The colours are still sheer, but I’ve learnt to make them work. The nude one, when applied over a bright lipstick, tones down the colour. It also works great, like I said, just as a nudish-clear gloss. The shimmery pink one makes any lipstick/tinted lip balm/lip liner pinkier and shimmer-ier(however obvious that sounds!). I love pairing that one with colours that normally wash me out. Also, thanks to the shimmer, it makes any lip colour evening-look-worthy!

The packaging is a bit gimmicky. The lip glosses, I believe, are designed in a way that they can be slipped into your pocket, without it creating a bulge. Hence the name! I haven’t really tried this (since I carry a purse at all times) so can’t really judge, but it is pretty sleek. The caps of the lip glosses have pictures of the ‘boys’ they are named after. You can undress them(thankfully, not fully!) with a flick of your wrist. I also remember there being (rather naughty) details about them on the box that it came in. Fun, I suppose. :P

The lip glosses have brush applicators, and are easy to apply with precision. I also like that I can wipe the some product off on the rim of the tube without it being messy. The tube, the brush and the actual product, all seem to be of excellent quality. The product smells of Creme Brulee/Burnt Sugar, and the smell is quite strong. Funnily, I find the smell of the pink one to be stronger than the nude one! The nude one is tolerable by me, but the pink one is a little too strong. You can’t smell it after 5 minutes of application, though, which is a good thing.

Verdict: B+

Price: Not available in India  but internationally around 19$

Recommendation: Overall, these Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lipglosses are a  good buy for me. They are long lasting and extremely moisturizing although on the sheer side. Plus it has a half naked man on top of the lipgloss !! Fun! LOL.

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