Lakme has had its ups and downs and while some products  have been firmly relegated to the back of moi closet (Im looking at you – you wierd Lakme All Over Shimmer Gloss thingy) , some i definitely turn to again and again and again. Here are 5 Great Lakme Products:

1. Lakme Kiss of a Rose  Cream Blush: This one has been one of my favourites since the Fantasy Collection came out, and i still cant get enough of it. You want an au natural, soft pink cheek- turn to Kiss of a rose baibeh! Its a shame that Lakme doesnt come out with more cream blushes considering their first one was such a hit- just love that this is a no frills, basic neutral pink that will suit just about anyone.

2.Lakme Absolute Moonlit Highlighter: Though i dont use this as a highlighter or bronzer, when i want to channel a bit of golden goddess,  sweeping strokes of this are put across my cheeks ! I love that molten golden peachy gorgeousness that this imparts on the cheeks. Sure, some of the shimmer is chunky at the top and if you have bad skin this may exaggerate  a bit of that but i can handle all that for that glowy shimmery cheek

3. Lakme Sun Expert SPF 50: Iv never been a fan of Lakme sunscreens but this one is definitely on my favourite sunscreens list. Its not as greasy as the other lakme ones iv tried, it provides good protection and is pretty comfortable to wear.

4.Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick in Peach Carnation: Not a peach carnation from any angle but still a medium-deep rosey brown that i love wearing as the weather gets chillier and the lip colors a bit deeper. Its a great everyday office shade, and has a nice stained lip quality to it.

5. Lakme Absolute Cheek Chromatic Blush in Night Sheen: When i first got this, i was a bit meh! But over time, ever time i want a subtle sheeny cheek with a nude lip, this is what i go for. It goes so well with indian wear and gives this warm peachyness on the cheek with a glistening sheen. My FOTD with this is crap so dont go by that, but really it is gorgeous with indian clothes..

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