The Revlon Colorburst  range is a favourite for many a beauty addict, and while i dont have a ton of these here are 5 pretty shades that look good on a range of complexions. These lipsticks are creamy, very pigmented and moist in texture though i find the moisture levels kind of differs from shade to shade. There are definitely some shades in there where my lips start to feel a bit dry after 4 hours. Priced at Rs 550/- they dont really hurt the pocket as much and look good sitting inside your makeup bag-all quilted and classy! The names of the lipsticks below all link to detailed posts so go ahead and click !!

1.Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Blush: Blush is a soft, soft pink . The barely there kind that just kisses your lips, and is perfect for lighter to medium skin tones. Its a great everyday sort of color if you want that innocent english rose look

2.Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Peach is a beautiful light peach ! It can tend to wash out very dark skintones but those in the market for a good peach lipstick, this one is not to miss

3.Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Hazelnut is a warm, chocolate brown that the darker girls will absolutely love

4. Revlon Coloburst Lipstick in Soft Rose is one that pretty much all skintones can carry off. Its a gorgeous, creamy rose pink that looks as good on the dusky girls as on the lighter ones and adds brightness to the face without being overly bright itself.

5. Revlon Colorburst in Rosy Nude is another flattering on all complexions kind of shade. A muted brown pink, this is nice for daily office wear.

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