If anyone in your family has ever gotten married, you would know that the run up to the wedding and the wedding itself is one crazy, adrenaline full, excited to the highest degree affair. Then once its over, there is this almost depressing lull- as if all that you had been thinking about for a year is now over and there is nothing left in life to look forward to!! I thought i was alone in feeling so low, but i realised PWL (Post Wedding Low-ness) is a common phenomena .Then when the albums and videos come in again, that crazy excitement starts all over again – and for five days you see every single cd and photo that there is to see. Well mine just came in recently, and i thought i should share some of my favourite ones (there are more which involve me +boy but for privacy sake im not going to put those up)

So, i didnt have a candid photographer for my wedding. Shock.Horror.Gasp. Yes in this day and age, Me, Mehak – beauty blogger who loves reseraching everything wedding related  did not care about her photographs or care to loosen the purse strings too much on a photographer.  It was all handled by the boys side, and they got a local studio in Hyderabad to do the job who covered all morning and evening events and did a decent job at that. Honestly, im glad they did, because i would have otherwise spent A TON of money on flying one down to hyderabad, and im not sure if i would have thought it worth it. So since the official snaps only just came in i thought i shall share some of those with you!

I dunno why i love these hand-shots of mine, but they kind of make me remember moments of the wedding. The first one is when i was standing greeting all the guests with my hand entwined infront of me. I remember that my hands were shaking, i have no clue why and so i entwined them so it doesnt look like im a nervous wreck!!!

This one is because those damn kaliras got stuck into my lehenga ever 2 minutes!! Uff ! I was like a magnet for shiny gold objects that night. I wouldnt even know it and suddenly i would discover another shiny bauble on my arm stuck to something and be like ” Wha??? i wore this?” 

I had a bit of a chuckle looking at the photo below. See, look closely at what im doing. In the middle of the madness, and the guests surrounding me, the demure bride is checking out her ring!!!!! Lol. Hmmm, planning for the upgrade on the 3rd anniversary already . Haha ! Its true, i used to zonk off in the middle like this doing my own thing and then realise ‘Oh-its my wedding day’ . Look attentive.

I love this one below because its captured the whole moment of him waiting on stage for me so beautifully. I dont know, i get a very royal prince awaiting his princes feel when i look at it. Thoug let me tell you in reality it was nothing like that. He ws QUITE mad that i made him wait (Its a culture difference thing – he only waited 15 min or so, i know brides who come out an hour later)

And this one below, is a series of many adorable , non posed photographs that i absolutely LOVE , but more of these are really too private so i just put up this one.


Here are some ‘Frequently asked questions’ that iv been getting asked on e-mail, on th blog or twitter.

FAQ: To wear or not to wear the Nath:

Answer: Wear 100%. I created a huge fuss about it but when i look at my pictures i understand why my mom insisted. I would not have looked like a bride without it- specially because most of my family wore their own wedding lehengas and sets to my marriage , the only thing distinguishing me was the dupatta over head and the nath. Plus its pretty non obtrusive , i didnt even notice it was there till it came to eating. Then it was a bit of a logistical issue- to feed yourself through the nath or under it?? Lol.. So i just unclipped it from my nose  then and it hung loose in my hair but still looked pretty!

FAQ: Pre Bridals- How many, How much to spend

This depends on how bad your skin is. I mean, the parlour will obviously sell you everything on their rate card, but please. All you need is a good facial and if you want get a body polish/ body scrub . I only did the facial. I did the body scrub at home with milk and bread followed by besan and haldi and yogurt and the results were better than any body polish etc !! So yeah do get a facial / clean up because makeup application is smoother, but beyond that is not a necessity- its simply what you wish to get done.

FAQ: Is it absolutely necessary to hire a candid photographer

Look, if your budget permits it- go ahead , theyr definitely special but it is absolutely NOT necessary and you shouldnt be going crazy over stuff like this. Reee-lax. Studios in India these days dont click those age-old photographs anymore, they are pretty damn good and as long as you are happy your photos are going to come out beautiful so breathe in, breathe out. Dont over stretch yourself…


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